Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Play, Play, Play all day!

There's not going to be a lot to this posting. This is just a big ole group of photos that I want to remember...mostly of the kids playing. There are a lot of things about staying home with them that I adore, but one of the things I adore most is getting to watch them play with each other and getting to be a part of their play too.
Here are some pics I snapped when my Mom and Jim were here several weekends ago. My girls LOVE their "Honey"

I swear Greyson already knows these girls are his big sisters and when they are around I'm chopped liver. This boy knows and loves these girls!

Avery has gotten really in to playing with her babies. She sleeps with her babies, she eats with her babies and she carries a baby at all times - even if we're outside playing or if we're going somewhere.
Big sister is in to her scooter, and more accurately doing "tricks" like this one:

"C'mon Avery - Mom said to say cheese!"

I feel like I'm constantly doing laundry around here and the laundry basket just moves from the laundry room to the landing pretty much ALWAYS has laundry in it (sometimes dirty, but mostly with clean and folded laundry that needs to be put away). Rarely is the basket empty, but when it is empty - it is apparently inviting.
One minute they were pretending the laundry basket was Avery's baby bed and then they were pretending it was a boat and they were going on a journey.
 I love how their imaginations work.
I can't wrap up the post without some pictures of this sweet little guy. He's such a smiley and happy little Jack. I can just glance at him and he grins and then I melt into a mushy baby talking mess of a Mommy.

My girls spend most afternoons in dress up clothes dancing to whatever Pandora selection we have going on at the moment. Greyson is content in his bouncy seat to watch them flutter and dance all across our living room. Usually Avery has her baby in hand and the room is filled with laughter and there is no place I'd rather be than listening to them laugh and being thankful that they are mine...regardless of the always full laundry basket :).