Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey for me and turkey for you..... let's eat the turkey in a big brown shoe. Do y'all remember that song? Every time Thanksgiving rolls around and I hear the word turkey I immediately think of this song and then I smile. If you've not heard it recently, do yourself a favor and refresh your memory by clicking here. You're welcome!

Last year I saw this recipe somewhere and I'm not sure where because it was before The Pinterest. So...instead of pinning it, I actually printed it....on real computer paper (gasp, shock and awe...I know). Anyhow, when I got ready to make it prior to Thanksgiving last year there were no candy corns to be found - ANYWHERE in Lexington!! Fast forward to this year when we moved and my printed copy of the recipe came falling out of my horribly disorganized stack of recipes and I decided I would definitely make them this year. I made sure to nab a discounted bag of candy corn a few days after Halloween. I mean, honestly - how cute are these:
picture from
I figured the more the merrier for the turkey cookie making, so we invited some friends. Fun it was and the cookies were not only cute, but yummy too!

 We had 6 kids participating and Greyson just hanging out in the kitchen in his swing. It was crazy, but a super fun kind of crazy. The key was being uber prepared - cookies cooked and cooled ahead of time, icing in piping bags (multiple bags of each color) and several "stations" set  up so that each child had their own turkey makin' equipment. They all did great and put their own individual spin on their turkeys.

 All the kids enjoyed the fruits of their labor after lunch time together and Avery thoroughly enjoyed hers:
 Next year, I think I'll try my hand at these cuties:

 Aren't they adorable? Now that I'm a believer in The Pinterest (it's just fun to say it that way), I'm sure I could find a tutorial...not only on how to make above Oreo turkeys but maybe even how to make my own oreos, candy corns and peanut butter cups too. I kid, I kid...


  1. If you figure out how to make your own candy corn share the recipe. And it pains me to think of running out of candy corn...ever. which is why I just (yes, just) bought 4 more bags on clearance! I love the cookies! They are so cute and yummy looking!

    And...THE pinterest....kinda like THE Oprah.

  2. I always sing the first 4 lines to this song that I remember from elementary school.
    We gather together
    to ask the Lord's blessing;
    he chastens and hastens
    his will to make known.
    The wicked oppressing
    now cease from distressing.
    Sing praises to his name,
    he forgets not his own.

    I don't know why, but it just sticks in my head! Love your turkeys!