Thursday, July 28, 2011

OIB oh how I miss you

The remaining Ocean Isle Beach pics to share...oh how I miss it!

Fun times at the pool ~ we've all agreed there's no going back to non-pool status now!
Kennedy and her Aunt Melissa:

She did this approximately 2,135 times while we were there:
oh yeah...incoming!

We weren't all four in once place much this year, you better believe the one time we were - I got a picture!
Tim brought along his water proof work camera and took this cool picture of Maggie:
Clearly he couldn't resist snapping this self portrait! Ha! That's my man for ya...ladies: I'm sorry, but - he's taken!
I put Avery in the pool twice and she was pretty much just like "ok..whatever". She soooo doesn't appear to have my personality. I suppose it's only fair since Kennedy is my mini-me.
Some pool time with Daddy.
Check out the little bitty board shorts with the fat leg rolls oozing out of the bottom. Too cute! My mom got this little swimsuit at a consignment sale and it was precious on her.
Catherine, Aunt Melissa & Kennedy...according to Catherine..she's the "cool aunt".
Speaking of cool...this is what I got when I asked these girls to pose. Too funny! You like Kennedy's pointed finger...apparently it was crucial to the posing.
Maggie is a baby lovin' fool - she wanted to feed Avery, hold Avery and love, love, love on her while we were there.
COUSINS! These girls are the best of friends and I adore that they love each other so much.
It wasn't the best bottle feeding experience (note the flailing arm), but at least Maggie got to try.
Uncle Steve gettin' some practice. Avery was SMITTEN with him. I think he's got the MOJO. Good thing because Declan will be here in September.
Matching shirts from Nana. Sweet sisters.
Grandmomma aka "Honey" getting some one on one smile-time with Avery.
My Mom checked out some library books for the kids and this was a Skippyjon Jones book - it had a bit of  "Latin flair" (if you will) so we put the Spanish teacher on reading duty. He did such a fine job that the kids and the adults were laughing.  
My Mom and my girls. They do love their Honey.
This is pretty much what the majority of us did on vacation. I looked up at one point when I was on the beach and thought "I've got to have a picture of this". So: Jim snapped one for me.
My baby girl was and still is "pre-teething" if there even is such a thing. She is gnawing on EVERYTHING and drooling and on an off running a low grade fever. She wasn't too interested in the beach what with all the not being able to sit up, extremely bright sunshine in her face and sand blowing in her direction...what's not to love when you're a little bitty lump, right? So after this one day of taking her to the shore, she did not return. She got in the pool a couple of times but mainly she napped, ate and slept with some playing and cuddling in between. I'm glad we got these pics when we did. :)

On our last night in Ocean Isle we went on a double date with Melissa and Steve. It was really nice to be out with just adults (thanks Mom for keeping the kiddos) and the seafood restaraunt where we ate was yummy. Since dates are seemingly now a thing of the past I had Melissa take a picture. Who knows when we'll have another.
If Kennedy could sum up her time at the beach with cousins she would say BEST.WEEK.EVER and then she would yawn and fall flat over out of sheer exhaustion. Something a little like this: 
She played her little heart out. Two separate times while we were there she fell asleep WHILE I was blowdrying her slipping off my lap fell asleep. As soon as we pulled away from her cousins house where we stopped to break up the trip on the return she looked at me and said "Mom, when we will see cousins again?" *Sigh*..."I'm not sure honey...soon, I hope!"

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  1. LOVE all of these pictures - so cute! Looks like you had a GREAT time :)