Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ocean Isle Beach

On July 8th we headed south to Ocean Isle Beach for the week with my family. It's become an annual tradition and I look forward to it ALL YEAR ROUND! Because I knew that this year was going to be a tad more...let's say..."involved" due to having sweet little Avery - we decided splitting the trip up was a must. We left Kentucky on Friday and stopped in Greenville, SC to stay with my friend Leslie. I started planning that stopping point a few weeks back when I realized it was practically on the way and new that as a bonus I'd get to see some friends I hadn't seen in a while.
Leslie and Hollis are two friends of mine from Veterinary Technology school. There was a time when we spent almost every moment together...most of those moments filled with studying, talking about veterinary stuff and even more of those moments being filled with laughing so hard our cheeks and abs were sore afterwards. We've kept in touch which is something I'm so incredibly thankful for, however, they are both in SC so I don't see them nearly as often as I'd like. I got to see Leslie not too long ago when her husband was doing some work in WV. It had been too long since I'd seen Hollis - it was at her wedding! So...we were all thrilled that my stop in Greenville would allow us to all get together for a bit. Leslie was kind enough to host and cook a yummy mexican supper and Hollis drove to Greenville from Columbia to join us. It was such a great time and we all hope to do it again soon. My how times have changed...if I had a scanner, I would add an old pic from vet tech we are with our kiddos.
Leslie & Brady      Hollis & Benton

Kennedy had been so excited about going to the beach! I am happy that she loves it so much and even happier that this year she could assist in getting the "gear" to and from the beach. Hello back pack chairs - I do so love you!
Clearly we have some Tiger fans in this family - Maggie, Catina and Melissa representin' Clemson...beach style. ;)
I think if Kennedy could have slept and ate in the water she would have.
Again with the Tiger support....this is my sister Catina and her family..minus her older daughter.
A little wave jumping
and waiting for the next...
so tickled
Each of my sisters, my Mom, and I take a night to prepare dinner, but we leave some nights for going out. One night we went to a place called the Provision was right on the water and the view was beautiful. I was kind of tickled by the signs over the bathrooms so I took a pic ~(4u2pn)~
Catina and her family:
My Mom and Jim
Melissa, Steve..and Baby Declan (making his arrival sometime in early September).
Mags and kills me how big my nieces are getting!

There are so many more pictures to share. We had such a good's just always so hard to go. To be continued...


  1. Asses love the beach ! And since I have heard the name Declan I have actually SEEN it written everywhere! So funny how that works. :)

  2. Umm....don't know why that says asses. The iPad changes words on me. Dont even remember wht it was supposed to say now but I am so tickled thAt it says asses that I can hardly type!