Sunday, July 3, 2011

Growing girl

I'd like to report that the poor internet connection is putting a serious damper on any blogging intentions I have. It is so super mega slow at home, that I've been uploading my pictures during my lunch break at work and then filling in the text at home. So, so sad. Not sure how long I'll be able to keep that routine up, especially in light of the fact that I lessen my hours next week and will be there less than I am now which will = nose to the grindstone work, work, double work while I'm there. The lessening of the hours is the reason for the disconnection of the ole internet...stinky budgets! Despite it being uber frustrating to have slow internet (my we are spoiled, aren't we?) it is a necessary spending cut in the Taylor abode. Anyhow...enough of the boring accounting talk...onward with the latest goings on.

My baby turned 4 months old on the 1st of July - GASP! I CANNOT believe 4 months have gone by. It is absolutely incomprehensible. Luckily, I have an amazing little blue-eyed beauty to show for whatever has been going on these past 4 months because I really can't recall anything else productive. She is such a content baby and she is happy, happy, happy. Jesus knew I couldn't handle another high maintenance crier (like Kennedy was as an infant) and boy am I thankful because life with her as a baby is precious. If Kennedy had Avery's temperament as a baby I might be like the 18 kids and counting lady. Ha! Totally kidding by the way.....sort of. ;-)

She is still totally enthralled with all things Kennedy. Is is precious to see her staring at her "big sister".
Kennedy is such a good big sister too. She reads to her, hands her toys and makes sure I know that I need to go and get her if she's fussing or crying.
Here's my little Murray State Racer baby. A friend of mine who is currently in school there gave me this onesie as a baby gift. Go Racers!
Unfortunately with increasing age has come the early signs of teething. She is drooling like crazy, chewing on her fist, stuffed animals, blankets, burp rags and pretty much anything else she can get in her mouth...intro Sophie the giraffe (a teething toy). Thanks Aunt Neenie and Uncle Joshie - she LOVES this little thing and truthfully I'd rather a wet giraffe than a soggy burp cloth. Ick!

When we disconnected our internet, we disconnected our cable television too. Because of that we lost our precious DVR box (I know, I know - devastating). The DVR box had approximately 957 Disney movies on it that Kennedy had access to whenever she wanted. Now we have about 5 channels, one of which is some lame music station and one of which is a 24/7 weather radar. In other words, when I want some kiddie TV for Kennedy because I need to cook dinner or because I need her to rest for a bit or what have is none to be found amongst our bargain basement cable selection. So....we've gotten out the car DVD player as of late so she can watch some of her dvd's when she wants to. Clearly Avery is going to have the same love of all things glowing from the little plastic box thingy that Kennedy has had.
I had dinner out with my Moms group gals this week and when I returned home...this is what I found. Seriously - how precious is this? Avery was clearly more interested in the milk machines arrival back home than the book. Nice to be needed I suppose.
We had dinner with some sweet new friends from church one day this week after work and Kennedy and their little boy had a big ole time. Here they are at their own little table.
Kennedy had her first VBS experience this past week. It was a one day VBS which is a bit different than traditional VBS's but they packed a stellar VBS punch in that one night. It was kind of under the sea themed and it was called "Off the Hook" in Jesus always lets us off the hook if we ask him to. Too cute. We went with John Tyler and Lily. The three of them looked so cute walking in that I snapped a phone pic. I love it when kids hold hands, especially when they aren't prompted to. It's precious!

Kennedy finished her last week of swimming lessons on Thursday. She had so much fun with Lily that I'm fairly certain we will be having withdrawals. She learned so much this year and had such a good time. We'll be sure to take lessons at Asbury again next year - they were awesome! How funny are these goggle faces?
This is another pic from the phone that I thought was cute. Avery and her Sophie. She just hung out in her car seat while swim lessons went on. Again...super content baby. So thankful.
Lily and Kennedy walking in on their last day. Another un-prompted holding hands moment. I can't take it.
Dressed and ready to SWIM.
On Friday of last week, Tim and I were able to have a date-night to the Legends game. We got the tickets through Groupon so we got a great deal and then there were 10 hits during the game so we got a buy one get one deal at Cane's chicken with our ticket stubs. That Groupon was seriously worth it.
Thanks to Courtney for watching both kiddos so we could get away. They love their Auntie Courtney!

Yesterday we took Kennedy on her first canoe trip down the Elkhorn River. I got the cutest pictures. Hopefully I will be able to blog about it before next year! Abby and Jonathan kept Avery for us and she and Adalyn were dressed alike. Can't wait to see those pictures and share some of those too...I'm sure they are ridiculously sweet. Matching kiddos always are!

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