Monday, August 8, 2011

I started this post on July 31st....Ha!

Kennedy has been ALL INTO dance lately. Well...if you can call it that. It's kind of like interpretive movement with a toddler slant (if you will). I'm not sure why she's gotten so interested in it but it totally reaffirmed my decision to put her in a dance class for the fall. She's been saying she wants to dance, but you know: with kids you want to be certain before you invest the time and money into something. So...a friend had told me great things about Wilmore Christian Ballet, so I signed her up for a class called Creative Movement which is their version of beginner ballet. She is REALLY excited and has proceeded to put on her "dance outfits" daily and choreograph beautiful pieces like this one:

Avery is changing so much lately. I can't believe she is five months old and rapidly approaching 6 months. It just goes by so much quicker with the second. I don't know if it's just the business of two or what but man it just seems to be flying by and I want it to slow down. She is giggling now, but as with her smiles - the best giggles are for Kennedy alone. Moments like these, I cherish more than I can even describe - they are just simply precious:

I've taken the girls to the city pool a few times within the last couple of weeks. It's something I couldn't do prior to my decrease in working hours but I am SO thankful that I can do things with them like that now that I have some more "home time" to accomplish my other responsibilities.

Truthfully, it totally messes with our "schedule", but if I didn't throw caution and said schedule to the wind - we'd never leave the house! I feel bad for Kennedy when she spends her entire day in her playroom and I can tell she's not expended enough energy with active play. It's so stinkin' hot - our only outdoor option pretty much IS the pool. It always surprises me when I "let it go" (my need for routine that is) how well the girls do. For example:
Avery will thankfully fall asleep if she's tired enough (no matter where we are). I think the pool and fountains function as a real life "noise machine" and lull her to sleep, allowing Kennedy to do more of this:
Lately, it's pretty much pool or more "dancing" and striking poses in her plethora of leotards. Poses such as this:
Avery had her 4 month check up here recently (due to our and the Dr.'s  vacationing, we were a bit behind). She weighed 14 lbs and is now  25 inches long. Growing girl! Kennedy looked on and said "it's ok Avery" as she got her shots. Such a good big sister!
She was pretty much just happy she didn't have to get any. I told her when she turns 4 next month she'll be getting more than Avery and she asked me if it will hurt. It's those moments when you kinda wish you didn't have to be honest.
I told her it would hurt, but that she could be brave just like Avery and get some super sweet band aids to ease the pain.
Tim's Mom came in last weekend to help us out. It was a CRAZY weekend. I had an overnight retreat with some Mommy friends and Tim had some responsibilities both Saturday and Sunday at the church. Thank heavens she is always willing when we need her. Kennedy loves her to pieces and I'm pretty sure if Avery could communicate she'd say she does too! Kennedy loves to snuggle up with her Nana and on this a afternoon the whole non-napping thing...totally got trumped by the snuggle time!
So sweet!
Our church had VBS last week, so Kennedy had her first VBS experience. I remember going to VBS as a child and I remember LOVING it so I was so excited she got to go this year. Here she is getting ready to head out. She was so excited and she ended up loving it!
Some more pictures from our trip to the pool: This is a friend from church's little boy. His name is Hudson. We had these babies within a week of each other and she has an older son close in age to Kennedy too. The pictures I took of the babies together in the shade were too cute.This
is one of my favorites! 
Kennedy & Hayden having a snack
then back in the pool!

It's hard to believe the summer is quickly coming to an end. We went to the pool again today because city pools start closing on Wednesday and I feel like we need to take advantage of the time we have left to have summer fun! 


  1. OH WOW! I absolutely LOVE the dancing video. She has some good moves. Seriously into it and I think it is perfect-o! In looking at the pic of Kennedy sitting on her Nana's lap I am struck by how quickly time flies. I remember her at Avery's size, all snuggled up. Now she's a leggy little thing, doing ballet in the kitchen and making her baby sister laugh. It brings tears to my eyes.

  2. I am oh so excited about K taking classes at Wilmore Christian Ballet. I took a couple of classes there and it is wonderful. Does she have Miss Frederica or Miss Hannah? K is going to have so much fun! Can't wait to see lots of pics!