Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tons of Fun

This past weekend we decided to get the pool out since it was a long weekend and the weather was expected to be nice but HOT. I mentioned said intention to Kennedy around 8:00 PM on Saturday night and I'm fairly certain that is the ONLY thing she talked about until we walked in from church and she ran directly to her room to don  her Princess bathing suit. Never mind the fact that she had tons of LL Bean, Gap and Old Navy suits in the very same basket...I mean, c'mon people - she wanted the "fancy" one.

Since that very afternoon she's pretty much wanted to spend every waking moment in that pool. Tim and I have thus agreed - best $10 spent...E.V.E.R!!! *End of season clearance. Gotta love that!

I can't explain why, but there seems to be an incredible fascination with working on getting as much of the water out of the pool possible once she's in it???? "Mr. Squirty" is one device used to accomplish aforementioned fascination.
Oh the look on her face when she gets in - it's like it's the best day of her life! Too funny! I would like to again state.....$10 people - totally worth it.
Behold: The Fancy princess suit:
It's all you thought it would be, and more - right? ;)

On this particular day we were in our suit before 9 AM and although the pic is with my phone I found it super funny that she was that stoked about getting in her pool. I told her when the sun shined on it we would go out..thinking that might give me until at least 10. She stood in front of the glass patio slider at like 10 minute intervals until she saw the sun glimmering on that water and then announced it as loud as I obliged. What else could I do. Ergo..she was in the pool by 9:15 AM. Awesome.
Just for giggles......
 I just sit out there in the shade with Avery and belly laugh because you should hear her squeals of excitement and bubbling over laughter. Then she pours more water out of the pool and then there is more uproarious laughter followed by more pouring out of pool water and the cycle continues and I just laugh.

 She even has her snack in the pool
Oh, and an update on the whole not napping thing:
Clearly - it couldn't be going any better.

Amidst all the Kennedy pool time has been some Avery having new experiences time. It's so fun watching her discover and observe new things.

I've decided that not only my kiddos but my pets have a seriously posh existence around here. If I could/would ever die and come back as something (cause you know, all logical thinking people consider such things: right?) - it would totally be one of my pets. I mean, Kennedy loves on them
and plays with them: 
Wouldn't you enjoy a plastic goose and chicken functioning as head bookends while you rest? I know right - me too! Ha ha
They treat each other as equals...sharing the sunbathing yard space:
They get fresh vittles before said vittles have the chance to hit the floor...that is, when they aren't sleeping. Of course - that would only take up like 10% of their day because they are ALWAYS sleeping! Exhibit A:
Speaking of sleeping, I snapped this picture of Kirby sleeping in the playset while Kennedy squealed and shrieked and carried on in the pool nearby - never phased him. Must be nice! I have altered the photo a bit (as well as the photos that follow) with my new app I'm currently obsessed with. It's called LittlePhoto and it's the Android equivalent of the Iphone Instagram app. It's so cool. You can take a pic and then do all kinds of treatments and edits to them. I'm having lots of fun with you'll see. The best part - it's totally free.
Sweet little happy Avery. She's getting that sweet baby pudge to her. I love it!
 I also love that I can finally say I have a baby that will sleep just about anywhere. For example at a public park full of screaming children...that's where I snapped this.
 Can I get a hallelujah and an amen?

Kennedy's been helping me more and more lately when I need her to entertain her sister or "talk" to her for me to keep her content. Here's a couple sweet "big sis" moments:

I hope that they grow up to be the best of friends. I'm already telling Kennedy that she'll never have a best friend like her sister. I hope it sinks in!


  1. Neat pics!! I love the pool pics too...wish I had that kind of energy! Haha!! Sweet Avery has gotten so big-how does that happen?? Makes me sad!! (and happy at the same time)

  2. Loved your storytelling along with Kennedy's pool adventures and Avery's progress... and can't forget your menagerie of pets! Very good catching up with all of you :-) Hope you've had a great weekend!