Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taylor Highlight Reel Numero Uno

Because I'm so far behind on my blogging due to a crazy hectic schedule as of late - I figured I'd pump out what I'm referring to as a highlight reel because it's just gonna document the highlights...in none other than photo form! I know you faithful followers are wondering where I've been and no worries Mom...I'm right here. ;)

Let's begin with strawberry picking...shall we? Okay then...meet my friend A and her daughter A. Aren't they precious? A is expecting another and despite that, she came out in the heat and got down on her knees and picked strawberries with us. We had such a good time. God crossed mine and A's paths in a very quirky albeit intentional way and I couldn't be happier about it. We have tons in common and I feel so blessed to know her and call her friend. Here we are with our girls outside of Boyd's Orchard.
Praise all that is holy in this universe...Kennedy was way more into the actual picking process this year rather than whining and complaining about how it was hot and how she wanted to play on the Boyd's play equipment. I'm also glad to report that we had much less smushed and brown berries in our basket...she grasped the concept that she was to pick them off the bush...not just grab whatever was closest and most convenient. We've grown a great deal in a year...see for yourself. Time really is flying...Tim and I couldn't believe the difference in a year when we looked back at that post.
Just as A and I thought - these girls were fast friends. I hope there are a great deal more play dates orchestrated for the pair in the future!
Thanks for joining us girls ~ we had such a wonderful time!
Avery turned 16 weeks today but a couple of weeks ago we received her 12 week photos back from Jes. They turned out wonderfully as usual. Here are some of my favorites:
The little dress is a gift that was given to my eldest niece Catherine by my sister Melissa. I've always thought it was really pretty and different so that is what I chose to put her in. Isn't it cute?
This hat (which I love) was given to Avery from my Aunt Kay and I was super excited to get some pictures in it. Avery, on the other hand...not so thrilled. Jes had to be quick!
Call me Southern or girlie or what have you, but I LOVE a bloomer. These were like $10 off Zulily. Sweet!
Not this past weekend but the one prior, our church had a 5K to raise money for some upcoming missions work in Joplin and in Honduras. Since Courtney and I had been running, I figured it was a great way for me to get back into the swing of things and donate to a great cause while we were at it. Jes and Billie joined us too.

Kennedy has always been quite intrigued with me running and on occasion expresses interest in coming with me. Since I knew it would be a relatively small run I told her I'd push her in the jogger if she wanted to go. She said she wanted to run it herself. Well...clearly that needed some explaining and ultimately we compromised by deciding I would push her and she could run at the end. Here we all are in the beginning...this was when I could form a complete sentence and breath. Kennedy made sure to tell me about .25 miles into the 3.2 mile run: "Mommy, we aren't winning". Yikes...the competitiveness begins.
Kennedy's time to shine. She kept telling me her legs were getting tired but let me just tell you that when the sweet folks on the side started cheering for her she caught her second wind and practically sprinted to the finish. Yeah....she's totally my kid!
Oh yeah...eye on the prize!
So..our first of what I hope will be many Mother/Daughter runs.
Courtney, Billie, and Jes. Thanks so much for supporting my church girls! So fun running with y'all. Props to Billie who is preggers (though you can't tell) and Jes who rode a bike from Nicholasville to Wilmore before running the 5K. Y'all are rockstars! Court - you already know you are a rockstar without me telling you. ;)
The best part of the race was that no female under the age of 12 ran in the race, so by default (and because it's our church and the awards thing was super relaxed) Kennedy won her age division. Ha! She got a medal. Although she was all shy with the group photo she was totally stoked and has shown it to everyone who has come over since hte race. So funny. 
My little award winner:
The Sunday following the race I gave Tim an early birthday present:
We've had the trailer for a while, but it doesn't fit correctly on my road bike so we don't get to use it much. Hopefully now that I found him a bike, we will get to use it and go out as a family on bike rides. His Mom came in on this particular Sunday so that we could try out the new Legacy Trail here in Lexington. It was an awesome trail and we had such a good time. We even stopped and took some time for a picnic along the side of the trail. It was really nice.
*So...bike helmets: they aren't really condusive to a pony tail per se. I decided to try some braids as a way to keep my hair off of me while not giving me a major headache. Well, when Kennedy came in the bathroom while I was braiding it she looked at me as if I'd turned into a Disney Princess and said (in a really drawn out fashion) "Woooowwww Mommy...what are you doing to your hair?!" Ha! It's the little things....
Note to self: when you're hauling a 32 lb. toddler...be sure to pump up the trailer tires BEFORE the ride and not after. Poor Tim...despite liking his bike it was a bit of a challenging ride. We'll be sure to be prepared next time.
I hope next time comes really soon!

I'm so not even close to being caught up! Stay tuned for Taylor Highlight Reel Numero Dos.


  1. What a great post! Totally worth the wait ;-) Congratulations to Kennedy on winning her medal. What a great little athlete you have here and how cute was she berry picking. Had a good giggle over last year's pics & story ;-)

    Thanks for adding me on FB :-) I look forward to "chatting" with you & getting to know you more there ;-)


  2. Loved all the pictures. I can't believe the pictures from last year compared to this year. She's just so grown up. And I loved the picture of her running. So sweet:)