Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sisterly Love

This post is entirely made up of photos of my girls. I'm trying to do better about taking pictures of them but oh my word it's hard because life is flying by at an incredible rate these days and half the time the camera is not on my mind (shocking, I know!)

I took these first few pictures before church last week. Chelsea bought them these precious matching dresses and I really wanted their picture in them. I'm pretty sure Kennedy only sat still because she wanted the christening of her jelly shoes to be documented in some way. Seriously - she's OBSESSED with them and was OVER THE TOP excited about wearing them for the first time last Sunday. She's pretty much asked me every day since if she can wear them. They are cute - I cannot lie, however, there's the whole it's hot and she's barefoot + jelly shoe material action = sweat and smell and ew - you follow me? So..I must limit the wear time on those bad boys.

My sweet little Avery is growing so fast that I actually had to pack away some newborn clothes (insert audible awwww, sniff, sniff here). I can't believe she's three months old already....wear is the time going? I want it to stop already. Anyhow - while I packed away the clothes there were some seriously precious interaction between the girls going on so I grabbed the camera:

You would think the next picture is all motherly and sweet and it is, but mostly Kennedy is my daughter and is totally grossed out by spit-up. It is gross, but let's face it: spit happens!

I've been trying to be more intentional about getting Avery on her belly for some tummy time. She pretty much isn't fond of it and because she has reflux there is a narrow window in which  to make it happen, however I'm trying and now that she is grabbing things, she's a bit more open to the whole idea:

Um, can we talk about the ruffle please?
Kennedy was running around the room "mothering" all of her babies while I finished the clothes swapping. Out of like 10 pictures, she's blurred in each of them because THE CHILD NEVER STOPS MOVING.......OR TALKING FOR THAT MATTER. She was talking to her babies just like I talk to Avery...such the sponge.
We got out the Bumbo seat last week too but she's still a bit small for it. Her expression is funny. "Mom...whats the deal here?!?"
Tim's Mom was in last week to help take Kennedy to her little swim camp on the days that I had to work. She kept both girls all week too so we could take advantage of some vacation days at daycare. Because the girls are in our spare rooms it doesn't leave much room for guests. Kennedy has been sleeping on a little bed on the floor in Avery's room so Mom can have her bed while she's here. Kennedy actually really likes sleeping in there surprisingly and the two of them sharing a room for the week went better than I thought it would. Here they are getting some snuggles on Kennedy's bed.
So much else has been going on around here lately:
*I got Avery's 12 week photos back from Jes @ Jes Meeker Photography & they are awesome!
*We went strawberry picking at Boyd's Orchard last weekend with some friends.
*We started hosting a small group from church and the first meeting was last week.
*I ran my first (post-Avery's birth) 5K on Saturday to benefit missions at our church & Kennedy ran some of it too.
*Today, Tim got the first of his birthday presents - a bike. We biked a new trail in Lexington called the Legacy trail with Kennedy in the bike trailer and even stopped to have a picnic: so fun!

Sadly I can't seem to find time to blog about any of the above but hopefully I will be able to soon because I actually have pictures of most of it. Like I said...I'm trying.  


  1. Can we hang out soon? I mean seriously, your child is growing up so fast! both of them, but I'm mostly referring to Miss Kennedy! Miss that kid!

  2. Jelly Shoes!!!! Oh, let the summer stinky feet begin! :) I LOVED my jelly shoes when I was a kid and wish it was appropriate to wear them as an adult. :( oh well. I know what you mean about growing up too fast. It's painful. LOVE these pics!

  3. I had to giggle at your jelly shoes comment because when you first mentioned them my brain went to "P-U" I remember having an "adult" pair when they first came out eons ago, and man those things stink! lol

    Loved all the pics & whoa... can't believe Avery is 3 months already. Time is going SO fast!