Friday, June 11, 2010

In the land of Honey

My Mom was here visiting Wednesday of last week until Monday of this week. It's was so wonderful having her here. Since I am the baby of four, it's a pretty big deal to have Momma all to myself.....especially since it rarely happens. Unfortunately she is not only Momma to me...she is Grandmomma Honey to my little one and although my Mom loves and adores me I am pretty sure it just can't compare to her feelings about her grandchildren. As happy as I was to have her all to myself I feel certain Kennedy was doubly as happy. You see...there are four grandkids as well and typically when we see my's when the whole family is together. Four daughters....four grand-daughters. There just isn't enough Momma/Grandmomma Honey to go around!

She and her husband Jim got here just in time to pick Kennedy up from school on Wednesday and Kennedy started running towards me yelling "Momma" as she usually does and then breezed right past me without batting an eyelash right into my Mom's arms. And just like that....I was demoted. Oh well - at least it's to her, right? It was Honey and Kennedy's world and I was just livin' in it. All Honey all day every day!

Thursday was a bit of a busy day. We woke up and made blueberry pancakes for Honey, Big Jim and Daddy. After breakfast we had a follow up Dr.'s appointment and then I had an appointment at church so Mom stayed with Kennedy while she napped until I returned. Once I got home it was just about time to leave for Kennedy's first gymnastics class. I wanted to get her there a little early thinking that she'd need to familiarize herself with the facility and what kids were doing before class began. What was I thinking? She was all over the place like it wasn't her first rodeo...if you know what I'm sayin'. Craziness! She had so much fun. Of course it helped that her best friend Matthew was in the class with us. I was totally amazed at their ability to watch the teacher and then jump out there and do something that very closely resembled what she'd shown them. They are getting so big! She seemed to really like it so I am looking forward to having this class every Thursday.

Best Buddies!

I had hoped we could go to the strawberry patch at Boyd's Orchard on Friday, but once I got home from work it was threatening to storm and I didn't want to get caught in the rain. We opted for a trip to the library instead. We checked out some movies to watch and then made some sugar cookies.

Saturday we were up bright and early and at Boyd's by opening time and got right out in the strawberry patch and got to pickin'. I had for some reason anticipated that the strawberries would be cheaper if we picked them on our own vs. buying them at the grocery store: WRONG! They were kinda pricey but I'm happy to report having almost finished them at the Taylor household - they are DELICIOUS! was $$ well spent on those strawberries we picked. Kennedy seemed to really enjoy it and it was cool to be out there doing that togehter. It was a gorgeous day. Hot...but gorgeous. After strawberry pickin' we played on their playground and then headed to a little restaraunt here in town I've been wanting to try called The Coffee Pub. It was delicious! We split a Peachy Licious smoothie and had chicken breakfast tacos with a side of grits. This southern girl loves herself some grits and you can't really get good ones anywhere around here. You can get em' at like Cracker Barrel and Bob Evans and Waffle House but those aren't grits like I know grits. The ones we had Saturday were right on the money though! Worth every calorie! Kennedy was so tuckered out from strawberry pickin' that she fell asleep before we got there. I was determined to try this place with Mom though so we forged ahed and I layed her on two chairs pushed together. To my surprise she snoozed along all through our meal. Sweet baby!

I just couldn't resist the one above because it's too funny!

Boyd's has a big park too and she was ABOUT this sack slide. Seriously!
My sleepy baby...
It's true what they say you know? A daycare child really CAN sleep anywhere.

I was super excited to use some of my strawberries on this dessert. Ever since I saw it on her blog I knew I had to try to make it. Although I had some....well.....hiccups (if you will) it was really tasty. I was happy to have had that trial run though, because it was the cake I planned to make for Courtney's birthday. I knew she'd enjoy it...especially with these berries - I'm tellin' y'all - they are so good. I can officially say now...the second time around went smoother. You should try to make it - it's wonderful. 

Sunday was my praise and worship debut at church. I'm so glad that I could look out into the congregation and see my Mom's face just turned up and praising with me. It was a nice comfort to have her there for my first time on stage. I've been feeling led to have an active part in the worship at our church for a while now and finally followed through. I am so happy I did. I've just felt really blessed to be a part of whats going on at Southern Acres.

After church and nap we went to a little fair that was close by. It was a school fundraiser. There was a ferris wheel and a merry go round and a whole little kiddie ride section. When we first got there I think Kennedy was overstimulated but after her first ride with a "friend" (some other child that shared the mini-helicopters with her) she was in it to win it and it was on after that. She was running from ride to ride handing in her tickets and had a perma-grin plastered on her face until we left. That child has no fear either I tell ya. We were on the ferris wheel and I was all mentally self-soothing "it's reason to be tense, etc." and she's all "Momma look how high we are" and "whee" and "look there's Honey" way down below looking like an ant I might add. Okay...a little exaggeration on the whole ant part but whatever - go with me. After Kennedy woke up from nap we spent some time in the blow up pool in the backyard just enjoying the awesome weather and good company. Overall it was just a big ole fun time with Honey.

Just drivin' my rig y'all...
Is it becuase I live in KY or are y'all hearing "Big Wheels Keep on Turnin' in the background"

After waving goodbye on Monday Morning morning we went on with our daily routine but when Kennedy woke up from her nap, the first thing she said once she padded out from her bedroom with hair all disheveled, paci in mouth and loveys in hand was: "Where Honey go?" I said: "she went home baby - remember?" to which she replied "we see her at the beach". I smiled and said: "yep - we'll see her at the beach in a couple of weeks" and all was well.

Because this picture is funny and because it likely sums up how my girl feels without her Honey...for your viewing pleasure:


  1. Cute pictures:) Love that last one:)

  2. Looks like you had a great time! And the pictures or K are priceless! Love all of her little expressions:)

  3. I LOVED this post Lindsy! How wonderful to have your Mom all to yourself. I'm the baby of 6 so I totally get what you mean ;-)

    Great pics and looks like you had such a full and fantastic time. Kennedy is SO precious and I love reading about her adventures :-)

    Congrats on joining the worship team at church too. May God bless you for sharing your gift of music!