Saturday, May 28, 2011

She's Crafty

I decided a while back that there was NO WAY I could keep hanging on to every little craft that Kennedy made. I would if I could because they are all just so precious and she's always so proud, but seriously - I just can't! So I purchased a craft box to save my absolute favorites and I take pictures of all the others before I toss em'. Gasp! I know, I's hard - but it's necessary. I take pictures of my favorites too and then when I create our family Snapfish photo book I can include her artwork in the album.  Here are some of her latest and greatest:

The above totally tickled me - shirt and shoes: done! Glad she's easy to please. Maile is a little friend in her class that she is clearly thankful for.
I am a sucker for anything made with her hands - aren't all Moms? The above and below were both made for Mother's Day. One was made by the MUMS childcare workers and below was made in Sunday school at church. Love it!
She's been bringing me home more and more drawing-esque projects lately. This is a first though - her attempt at a family portrait. So thoughtful...yet a bit humorous.
Apparently I have a giant fang or tongue (whichever you prefer) and when holding Avery I do so by dangling her by an arm - nice! Too funny!

This next item is not one she herself created, rather her teacher Miss Emily did - but it was awarded to Kennedy. Details below

It says: Mr. and Mrs. Taylor,
This picture was the example for a collage we did last week. I didn't want to throw it out and neither did the children. They all wanted to keep it. So, we had a competition, and the child who could write the words the fastest (and correctly) got this as their prize! Kennedy won this price (she is so smart!) I didn't know she could write words until now - we will work on this more now! ;) I hope you are all as proud of her as I am. Miss Emily
Isn't that awesome? I made such a super  huge deal over that. My baby wrote a word! Oh my. I asked her today what word she wrote and she said "bat". She then proceeded to sound the word out and spell it for me. When did this happen? I'm not sure truthfully but I'm proud!

On another subject matter entirely - we've been having a heck of a time with Kennedy waking up at night. In all honesty - Avery sleeps better some nights than Kennedy does and Avery's only 12 weeks old. That's just wrong isn't it? Well...I've been contemplating dropping Kennedy's nap but some days it seems as if she really needs it and so I'm torn. When I can, I try to ensure we've significantly worn her out in the hopes that regardless of what happens at nap time, she'll be ready to go to sleep at night. Enter the glorious contraption my neighbors recently purchased at a yard sale. It's free fun people and bonus: she gets a work out. Clearly - a workout:

I thought today I'd go ahead and tell her she needed to have quiet time but if she didn't fall asleep that was ok. If she gets no midday rest we have a melting ball of emotion by bath time and I cannot handle the drama of that so quiet time must occur! I told her she could sit in her room and watch a movie and I'd come and check on her in a bit. Well of course, I got busy (because the stars had aligned perfectly and Avery was napping too) and by the time I went to check on her this is what I found:
Herein lies my confusion about whether she needs the nap or not.
and don't even get me started on that blasted pacifier!

She spent the remainder of her afternoon helping Daddy do yard work and playing on her play set so my fingers are crossed that we will all sleep well tonight. Tim said when they were in the yard working she was cracking him up. Mainly because she's 3.5 going on 13. I'm not kidding. Even her mannerisms are proof:

Um...she didn't even realize I was taking those people! Heaven help me....


  1. Haha!! This post is absolutely hilarious! I don't even know where to begin! I love it! Such a funny little girl-i am getting tickled just thinking about this post!

  2. I love love love the family portrait! Also, I am so proud of her as well! She can spell. how cool is that! Oh, I miss her. Let's have a play date soon!

  3. I'm still stunned that she can draw like that! Oh my word. I feel like I just bought her those crayons and was telling her not to eat them. So sad. And the paci...she needs least when she's napping she still looks like sweet little baby and not a 13 year old!