Friday, May 13, 2011

Odds and Ends

Last week Kennedy and I were playing in the yard while Avery took a nap. We were swinging and she looked over at me and said "I want to go inside now". Trying to maximize this time we had together outdoors, I asked her if she wanted to do anything else before going inside (thinking tricycle riding or skooter riding) and she said "well, I guess we could play like hide and go seek, ring around the rosie or tag or something. What do you wanna do Momma?" I just stared at her, wondering if I'd blinked and she'd turned 9 or 10 somehow. We've never played any of the aforementioned games together, which is why I was so surprised at those options. Nonetheless, I chose tag so we proceeded with taking turns counting and finding each other. She corrected me after my first turn counting becuase I didn't loudly declare "ready or not, here I come!" before I began my search. Clearly I'm a bit rusty! When it was my turn to hide she promptly shared her feeling about my ability to hide saying "Momma, you're not a very good hider". Personally, I feel that has more to do with the fact that she counts with one eye open rather than my inability to find a proper hiding place but regardless we had a fun time playing. Once we did return indoors, I was making her a snack when she came up next to me and said "here Momma". I looked down and she had her little hand balled up into a fist. I looked at her and said "oh...what do you have" and she said "no" and grabbed my hand and started trying to get me to make a fist. Y'all - my 3 year old wanted to fist bump! Not only did she proceed to fist bump but she then blew it up with the full out sound affect! Seriously! I was crackin' up and asked her to do it again because I couldn't really believe that had just happened. I mean, Tim and I have never done that so she's clearly gotten it elsewhere though I've still yet to determine where.

Fast forward to the next night at the dinner table when she (out of the blue) made the "I'm watching you" gesture. As with the fist bumping incident, I asked her to repeat what she'd just done and she did just in time for me to get it on video and then show you all her fist bumping skeeels too. Too funny! I don't know where she learned either but clearly kids are sponges - she observed and soaked these things up somewhere!

I'd hate for Avery to get less "air time" than Kennedy so here are a couple clips of her talking to her Nana and kicking in her bouncy seat. She's changing so fast! Before you grandma's worry about Avery being cold in the second video clip, let me just reassure you: it was 900 degrees out and she was sweating in her sleeper!

Here is one more picture from our Mother's Day weekend. My girls love their Nana and Pawpaw.

 I am trying really hard since having Avery to get into a new normal routine. On my days off prior to having her, I tried to do one special thing with Kennedy on each off day but it's been hard to do keep up with that. Now that Avery is a bit more predictable schedule-wise I am going to start trying to do that again. So...on Tuesday of this week, Kennedy wanted to go and feed the ducks . Unfortunately the ducks weren't very interested. It was so weird - it's like they were all full or something. I know that sounds crazy, but usually at this particular pond they'll meet you at your door with their mouths practically open and on Tuesday they just kind of stared at us. So...any avian experts out there? Does duck feeding have a season?  

 I think she was so unhappy about them not being hungry that she decided to throw the food AT them rather than TO them. As soon as I noticed that is what she was doing (because I saw bread bounce off the goose's back) I said "Kennedy - if you keep hitting that goose with food he's going to bite you or drag you into the pond". I was teasing her of course just being silly.
 She was amused by the teasing:
 Since Kennedy was little bitty, I have always done so good capturing her "firsts" on film. I can already tell with 2 thats going to be a bit more challenging. I did get Avery's first duck feeding documented though:
 Yesterday was Avery's well check up. She is in the 50% for height, weight and head circumfrence. She's weighing in at a whopping 11 lbs. 12 ounces now. Too bad 0-3 month clothes still swallow the poor child whole - we're getting there though. I'm sure they'll be too small before I know it. She had to get three shots which Kennedy was most upset about. Mommy was pretty upset too. Poor peanut!

Tim is away on a camping trip with my brother-in-laws for the weekend. He was giddy with excitement so I'm sure he'll have a blast. This will be the longest stretch I've "flown solo" with both girls but thanks to Courtney I have some scheduled friend time for tomorrow which I'm looking forward to. As fate would have it, Kennedy got sick last night with Lord only knows what and Avery was crazy fussy after having shots and not enough naptime. Lucky Daddy is missing it all. Isn't that how it always goes? Oh well, sick babies typically want their Mommies anyhow, right? So...we've been home today in PJ's resting and trying to recuperate. Luckily the weather is going to be nasty all weekend so we won't feel like we're missing out on much.

I had to get pretty creative in planning something for Kennedy and I to do today. She enjoyed making home made play dough.

Avery already adores her big sister. Everytime Kennedy talks to Avery she grins. It's the sweetest thing:


  1. So funny how Avery's mouth moves when big sister talks to her and when she's kickin! She has changed so so so much! Wow!

  2. Oh my word... Kennedy cracks me up. Makes me wonder if she's sneaking out of bed to watch late night tv with her new "skills" - ha ha. TOO funny!!

    Avery is such a cutie too... wow Lindsy... you and Tim sure do make adorable little girls ;-) Hope you survive your "solo" weekend!

    Hugs xo