Monday, May 9, 2011

In light of the fact that Mother's Day was yesterday I thought I'd share some "motherly" videos I've received via email from non other than my Mothers. Although it's a bit belated I assure it will give you some Monday morning giggles!

The first is from my Momma and once you see it you'll think it even funnier knowing that little tidbit. Mom - I'm not sure where you found this but thanks so much for sending it along! I love Anita Renfroe but hadn't had the good fortune of viewing this until forwarded it to me. Enjoy!

This next video is from my Mother in law and I just love it to pieces. Every time I watch it, I laugh a little more. Being a mom to one baby is so hard and I can't even imagine having double or even triple that. This would make it pretty fun though:

Now for an update on my Mommy-front. After Avery's first week in daycare she got a cold - SERIOUSLY! I felt so bad for her because she had a fever and don't we all hate a child with a fever - they are so pitiful. Luckily her fever broke pretty quickly and she's been rapidly on the mend. Last week was her first almost full week in daycare and she did really good which has helped ease my anxiety a great deal. Wednesday she seemed to figure it out and hop onto her normal routine. When I picked her up she was all smiles that evening and it just did my heart good. Unfortunately kiddie germs are super powered and by Friday I had a full blown sinus infection which I presume was secondary from the cold she shared with me. I'm happy to report that on my 4 out of 5 day treatment with a Z-pack I'm almost back to normal! Yay! We've tackled our first daycare sickness. Fingers crossed that the next is far in the future.

Tim's parents were in town for the weekend because we dedicated Avery yesterday at church. We weren't the only ones who dedicated a child - 28 babies were dedicate yesterday. That's right - 28! What a wonderful experience to have and share with them on Mother's Day. She did great during the service and even made it through an insanely long wait and lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

We were so happy to have Tim's Dad with us for the service. Because he's a pastor it's hard for him to get away. We always love having his Mom in and it was extra special to have them both. Here are some pictures taken during and after the dedication.

 Elizabeth kindly stayed after to snap some pictures for us and I couldn't resist getting another of these buddies in their Sunday best:


  1. You did a lot better than I did taking pictures of the dedication. Last year with Eli I had tons and this year with Miles I had 0!! That's!!

  2. What special memories Lindsy! Happy Mother's Day to you (a day late). So much to be thankful for this year!! Hugs xo

  3. Glad Avery is feeling better...and momma, too! Those videos are great! I LOVE the babies laughing...saw that on the Today show a while back! What a beautiful family! HAPPY MOTHER'S Day!!!