Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

We started our Turkey Day off as we usually do in this family......with a Turkey Strut 5K. It was a bit hilly for mine and the baby's liking but we survived and it was super nice to get out and get moving (especially since this particular race has calorie counts of popular Thanksgiving food items posted at each turn on the course - so wrong!). Here's our group photo:

When we left for the race, this is how the little girls looked. We like to call this "Cousin Lovin'".

While we were away running, my Mom (aka Honey) threw the little girls a pinkalicious pancake party fit will all things pink. Mom says Kennedy was a fan of the strawberry syrup. Clearly - note her finger dipping in it. It was quite a big hit with them so we've heard.

Dinner last night was so yummy. We had all the traditional foods followed by a dessert buffet. It was all so good but clearly left us all soooo full. Kennedy couldn't even finish her plate after having a pinkalicious breakfast and a normal lunch. Looks good though - doesn't it?

Mostly we've just done lots of relaxing which is the best part about holidays with family. This afternoon we are going to see Tangled (the new Disney movie) and the girls are super excited. Should be fun. How did you all spend your Turkey Day this year? Hope it was a good one!

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  1. Yum! I would love to be invited to a Pinkalicious Pancake Party!