Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just catchin' up

I had some more pictures from our Thanksgiving Holiday that I wanted to post. Kennedy always has fun playing with her Nana and Pawpaw. Our saving grace when we left cousins was that we'd see Nana and Pawpaw again for Christmas soon.

 I took this picture when we were still at my sisters house. Doesn't she look like a little teenager in her skinny jeans with her hip all cocked out. Oh my!
 I talk alot about my sisters on this blog but my I am happy to say that clearly our husbands feel the same about each other as my sisters and I do.
 We took the girls to see Tangled while I was there and it was 3D ~ how funny is this picture? Ha! Even the small glasses were way too big for Kennedy so she didn't watch it in 3D the majority of the time. She was a little scared at some parts but overall it's a cute movie.
 Non 3D glasses pic. It's hard for me to believe Catherine is going to be 10 in December. I mean seriously - I remember rushing to the hospital because Catina was in labor. Time flies!
 Kennedy LOVES her much so that apparently these two ended up sleeping in the same twin bed one night after we put them to bed in their own separate beds. Sweet!
 They are so good with her - they involve her in everything that they do. I hope that never changes because I never see her act the way she does with these girls.
 We always try to work on a puzzle when we are all together for any occasion. We got a really late start on this one but WE FINISHED it!
 Kennedy's 3 year well check up was this week. We went to a new pediatrician that came highly recommended through a friend of mine. We've been trying to get in to see him for a while but he's quite popular and he's not been accepting new patients until now. I absolutely loved him and so did Kennedy. She didn't get any "shots" but she did get the intranasal flu vaccine. She's in the 10th percentile for height and 50th for weight - sounds about righ! =) Little squatty body.
They put her in this little hospital gown and although she was swimming in it - I thought it was cute.
 She also had her annual dental exam this week too. This was what I got when I asked her to show me her "clean teeth". She was a really good girl for her cleaning.
Today we are planning to go to a Christmas Tree farm and pick out our Christmas Tree. Should be fun...especially since the ground is COVERED in snow this morning.


  1. Adorable adorable adorable!! LOVE the skinny jeans!!!! And the mini hospital gown.

  2. We just went to see Tangled yesterday (without children of course - ha ha) and loved it. I had thought about taking my 3-1/2 yr old God-daughter but think she'd be frightened too. :-S

    Love all the pics and love that she is close to her older cuz's. So special!

    I'm in awe that you guys have snow. Toronto still has NONE and even my sister in NC is getting snow today. Is North America turning upside down? ;-)

    Hope you had FUN picking your tree. Can't wait to see pics of it all decorated!