Sunday, November 14, 2010

Catchin' Up

It has been a busy last week! Here is what has been going on at the Taylor household.

Sunday after I returned from retreat we went to Abby and Jonathan's to celebrate Jonathan's birthday. More and more when special events and holidays roll around it's so clear to me that we are growing up. Now instead of literal "parties" it's social events where we oooh and aaaahhh over every one's babies. Ha! I got to see Eli walk for the first time at Jonathan's party. Boy was he proud!

The Birthday Boy
 Kennedy belted out a stunning solo rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Jonathan before we cut the cake. I wish I would have been quick enough to video it because it was precious. She does love her Uncle Jonathan!
 I know y'all remember this sweet peach! She was at Abby's baby shower. Izzy is her name and I was super excited that we got to spend some more time together because she's an absolute doll. She knows how to accessorize with the best of em' too.
 Big Boy Eli. I can't believe he's one. Crazy! Would you just look at this little mug? He gets cuter and cuter with each week I swear! I wish I would have gotten him on video too - he was grinning a mile wide while walking.

On Tuesday Jonathan and Abby welcome their sweet little girl Adalyn Crystal into the world. She arrived at 4:38 PM weighing 7lbs. 7 ozs. and 19 3/4 inches. Although it sounds like labor was incredibly fast and not without some minor complications - Abby has handled it with grace and Adalyn doesn't have one little imperfection on her sweet face. See for yourself:

 Isn't she precious?
She sucks her little bottom lip in almost to the point where it disappears - too cute!
Holding her and feeling Abby and Jonathan's joy at welcoming her into their lives just made me anticipate even more that we will be doing this again soon too. It's just such a special and amazing thing. Kennedy was very excited to go meet Adalyn but she was more interested once we got there in trying to ensure all eyes were on her. We will have our work cut out for us for us in the "green monster" department. It will all be well worth it though and she'll be a great big sister in the end - I'm sure!

Thursday night some of my fellow MUMS members and I went to Mad Potter for a girls night out and it was so fun. They have lots of little seasonal ornaments and serving dishes out right now that you can paint before Christmas. One of the girls in my group did a cookie plate for Santa that her grandson could use and I think it will turn out super cute. I painted something for the baby's nursery. It is a circular dish with a place for a mirror in the middle and two holes where it can be hung with ribbon or wire. I was really excited to do it because I really haven't gotten to do anything in the way of preparing because we don't know if it's a boy or girl. *I realize this is my decision* =) So...I painted it green with yellow and white polka dots and then after it's fired and the baby is born I can write his/her name on it with a porcelain pen and then put it in the oven to heat fix it. Between the 6 of us that were there, there were some really neat and creative pieces. I am anxious to get them back to see the final products.

When I got home Thursday evening after pottery painting I felt kind of icky but nothing major. Well....let me just tell you that about 2:00 in the morning on Friday I got a stomach bug that came with an intense fury and knocked me on my rear BIG TIME. Let's just say that after my body had nothing to "rid" itself of anymore and I couldn't hold anything down I cried uncle and had Tim take me to the urgent treatment facility close to our house at about 9 AM Friday. The nurse was concerned about my vitals and about me being pregnant so she called my midwife who recommended they send me to labor and delivery for monitoring and treatment for dehydration. Although it felt a little silly to be going to labor and delivery, I quickly realized my need to be there - blood pressure so low they had a hard time locating a vein to start fluids, contractions that I wasn't even aware I was having, an elevating fever despite hydration and stomach cramps from where the devil resides. The midwife wanted to take every precaution and so they hospitalized me overnight. Thanks to Billie and Derek Kennedy was in good hands while Tim ran home to get me some essentials and then something bland to try to hold down after two anti-nausea medications had been administered. He ended up coming home and I got a good nights rest in the hospital and was released yesterday morning. Yesterday I pretty much focused on recuperation and today I was feeling back to normal so I cleaned the house up and prepared for this week. Although I'd rather do just about anything than have that stomach bug return - it was good that it forced me to rest because it's just something I'm not naturally inclined to do but it's been good for me. Kennedy stayed in with me today while Tim went to church and the grocery. We made some pumpkin bread. I am convinced the only reason she likes to "help" in the kitchen is because this usually follows the helping (excuse the nudity - I couldn't find her bib:)

Mmmmm......pumkin. I totally get it.

Now another week is upon us. Can y'all believe it's almost Thanksgiving?

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  1. Oh Lindsy... how scary for you with that flu bug. I'm glad you & the baby are doing okay. Be sure not to overdo things this week!

    Great pics from Jonathan's birthday and of baby Adalyn :-) She is so pretty & I am SO thrilled for Abby & Jonathan! How fun that your kids will be the same age ;-)

    Have a great week! Hugs