Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekend Review

This past Friday we got more "baby lovin' time" with little Miss Adalyn. We took Abby and Jonathan supper which could also be known as "an excuse to love on the baby". Ha ha! Just kidding.....I've been wanting to call Abby like twice a day to say "so..how's she eating, how are you feeling, how do you like being a new mommy, etc. etc. etc. but I am proud to say I've resisted the urge and allowed them their time alone with their super precious little bundle. It's been hard though...I CANNOT TELL A LIE. So...I was super excited to be there and get to ask them face to face. They are doing wonderfully as parents and seriously - she's like the most perfect little baby ever. She slept the ENTIRE time we were there. Except for a few dreaming eye flutters...she literally never opened her eyes. I'm excited to take them another meal after the holiday and get some more time with her. I'm happy to say Kennedy was more interested in her this time and even wanted to hug her bye bye when we left.

I wanted everyone to see how she sucks her little bottom lip in - it's so cute!

I did as much of this as possible while I was there:

Our boys and our girls. =)

On Saturday I had to work at the clinic but Tim was busy at work because we had an open house on Sunday. Looks like he recruited some help:

A 3 year old + leaf blower = a GRAND OLE TIME!

Not to worry - this hard workin' little girl got to enjoy the fruits of her labor:

On Sunday evening we were invited to attend Adora's third birthday party at Gymboree. It was so fun. We've never been there before but Kennedy and the other kids had a blast!

There was the maraca Congo line. Oh yeah!

The raft swinging - I swore she was going to break this thing she was swinging so hard. *she didn't by the way...break it*

Last but certainly not least was the dress up dance party during which she frustratingly exclaimed the following: "Momma....why none of these boys won't dance with me?" I said "well, sometimes boys don't want to dance". They were too busy growling and flexing in front of mirrors around the gym...some things never change. Ha! She then looked up at me and said "Momma...will you dance with me?" And so...the three of us danced and I thought...there is so much of this to come in my future! =) Despite being a tad awkward with belly + toddler...we danced until the music was over.

Thursday of last week marked my 24th week of pregnancy.

Here I was at 24 weeks with Kennedy:

Despite my best efforts to be more careful with food and more diligent with exercise this pregnancy....as you can see - it hasn't done much because the belly is about the same size! Oh well. I do notice one difference though....boy I've aged in these past three years. Ha!

We left today en route to NC to spend Turkey Day with my family. We are in WV tonight with Tim's parents and we'll drive the remainder of the way tomorrow morning. I am so excited to see Kennedy with her cousins and I am equally excited to be with my sisters.  It's going to be so much fun! Happy Thanksgiving y'all!


  1. It was so nice to have you all over! Any time you want to get some baby lovin' in you can come on over:)

  2. Ahhhh 24 weeks!!! I think that is my favorite baby belly picture yet...you look so cute in it!!! And Kennedy dressing up...love that. And the proper response to her boy question should have been...boys are gross and you need to stay away from them for a longgggg time!

    Little Adalyn is so sweet! I cannot wait to hold Taylor Baby #2!!!!! Hurry up March!

  3. Sweet baby! And so much fun wiwth the leaf blowing...Kennedy's hat is ADORABLE!!! YAY 24 weeks :) Happy Thanksgiving! :)