Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The move

Two fantastically incredible things are occurring right this very minute. #1: I am still awake and it's after 9:00 PM (never mind the fact that it's most likely due to my consumption of a medium diet coke at 7 PM). #2. I am blogging for the second day in a row (Once again - because I have daily internet access. I won't make you repeat it aloud with me this time).

On with the reason I have daily internet access. One would infer that it would be due to acquiring cable internet access or having more flexible income - that one would be wrong.

Most of you know our house has been on the market and most of you who know that also know it sold. So...we bought a house in Lexington and last week we moved out of the home we have lived in for about 3 years. So much has happened in that house - we were engaged when we purchased it, we brought our first child home from the hospital to that house, we have changed jobs while in that house, we have made some incredible friends in our neighbors and well - it has some really warm fuzzy memories. When we packed our last box on Sunday it was bittersweet. I am glad we are embarking on a new, more financially sound future (ie: downsizing) but it is sad to leave those memories and the close proximity of some good friends. It was really real to me when we drove out of the driveway talking about the new house and Kennedy said "bye bye house". Truthfully I think Kennedy is ready for this move because she knows the "new house" comes with a new and barely used backyard play set. Smart girl!

We had to be out of our house on August 3rd but are not able to move into our new house until around August 15th. So...obviously that has presented a strange set of circumstances. Luckily we are blessed enough to have friends like Jonathan and Abby who have opened up their home for us to live until our new house is fit to move into and Bill and Jean McCaw who are willing to let us store our things in their basement and keep our pets at the veterinary clinic where I work and that they own. Even as I type it, it just humbles me that people will open their hearts and homes to help someone who needs it. I feel like it is really important to Tim and I to always have an open door policy in regards to our home and it's jut really nice that we have been welcomed by friends into their "open door".

We moved into Abby and Jonathans effective on Friday of last week. Let me tell you what - welcoming us + toddler is no easy feat. We come with a lot of baggage and I mean LITERAL baggage. I can't even believe how much crap it is going to take to sustain us for 1-3 weeks. Craziness! Aside from chasing Dakota around with items he has deemed his own it has been really great. Kennedy loves Dakota and wants to take him "potty" and for walks. She is taking a real liking to Jonathan too. I wish I could phonetically type out how she says his name but I can't really put a spelling on it. I can tell you this - it's PRECIOUS! Tonight before I laid her down to sleep she was talking about seeing Abby and Jonathan "omorrow". Ha!

All of the preceding paragraphs were my long winded answer on how I have daily internet access. It's solely because they have daily internet access. I am thankful - I have missed it.

I realize (late realization most likely due to the fact that it's almost midnight) that I skipped a posting that should have come before this one - Kennedy's week @ Nana's. Hey - since I have (you guessed it) - daily internet access maybe I can post on that tomorrow. Until then....


  1. You are blogging so fast I can hardly keep up!!! Hehehe...I am a slacker in the blog world these days. The thought of 2 ginormous life-altering exams in less than a month has my mind elsewhere (imagine that!) Glad you are back "online" and I miss you bunches.