Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back in the saddle again...

I haven't posted in a while about what I am currently training for: so here goes!

When Chelsea and I were training for The Derby Half Marathon, I bought a movie from our local run shop to help get us "pumped up" before the big day. There is a certain level of pre-race anxiety and nervousness that some athletes experience prior to the events they have trained for. Despite the number of races I have completed, I am not immune to that nervousness. Since I knew that Chelsea was a little nervous too, I thought watching something empowering and motivating would be just the thing to shake those nerves. I had heard a lot of hype about the movie Spirit of the Marathon and I had been really anxious to see it myself. This movie isn't exactly the type of movie you can find at your local blockbuster which is why I got it at Johns Run Walk Shop.

The movie is really neat - it documents 6 (I think) different individuals training journeys for The Chicago Marathon. Chicago is a very popular race because there is a great deal of crowd support and the course is nice and flat which is good when you are talking about running 26.2 miles. This race fills up super fast every year because of it's popularity. Anyhow - I have always wanted to do Chicago so it was really cool getting to experience it without actually being there. The runners in this documentary are of several different ages and are very diverse in their level of running "skills." It is just a really cool movie. It reinforces the reality that ANYONE can be a runner at any age and at any athletic level. It's inspiring. It's feel good. I cried. I laughed. I loved it. AND - it was just the thing we needed to get us ready for the race. It even made me want to attempt a full marathon again - something I said I would never do again - EVER. That's what I get for saying because (you guessed it) I'm gonna do it!

My sister Catina and I are going to run this journey together. We will start with The Salem Lake 30 K Trail Run in September. Catina ran this race last year and almost placed in her age group so I have informed her that we most likely will not stay together but that we can start together. When I was in town for Thanksgiving last year I ran part of this course with her and really enjoyed it. It is a really pretty area (click here for a pic) so I am totally looking forward to this run.

Next up will be the full marathon that we have potentially selected. I say potentially because Catina isn't sure about the date, but for now - we are planning on The Louisville Marathon. I stumbled upon a blog about this race the other day and it really got me looking forward to it because everyone seems to love it!

Lastly, I am considering doing a race with Janine. We need a running reunion - ha! She has decided to take on the challenge of running her first half marathon. This is a huge milestone for a girl who couldn't run 2 miles consecutively when I met her in college! Go girl - I am so proud of you! I would LOVE to do this race and just overall experience another training journey with her but until Catina and I have solidified which full we plan to do, I can't commit. Hopefully if I decide for sure to do that half with her it won't be full.

So...that's it in nut shell. I have already begun my training - 8 mile long runs the past two weekends. Tomorrow @ 6 my trusty running steed (Courtney) will meet me for my first 10 miler in a LONG TIME. Wish me luck!

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  1. I want to train with you again!!! :( :( :( I'm excited to watch your journey for these next few races though! And GO JANINE...if I can do anyone and I mean ANYONE can do it...especially Janine!

    You're awesome...miss ya