Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back, back, back it up...

Okay, so like I said last night - I had skipped a posting and forgotten to tell you about the week prior to our actual move. Not that anyone cares about my every move, BUT, family reads this thing and I get to post super cute pics of my kiddo. So - onward! When we returned home from Melissa's wedding on Sunday it dawned on me that Tim was leaving all that next week and the week after we were moving. There was SO much left to do. Honestly - this whole transition is enough to stress even someone as even tempered as my husband out so I was just trying not to lose grip on reality. It is by the sheer grace of God that I haven't gone off the deep end - seriously!

Whenever sweet Nana (who happened to have stayed with our critters during the wedding weekend) realized that Tim was going out of town that whole week she offered to stay and help. Why would anyone in their right mind offer to do such a thing? I know - that's what I wondered. She is a saint though - that is all I can say. Her gift is giving and serving and boy does she do it well. Thank God she stayed because we never would have been able to pull it off without her. Sara Beth kept Kennedy as usual that week on Monday, Wed and Fri and Mom worked ALL DAY to help us clean house, pack and move boxes. Love her heart. I can't really express how much we appreciate all she did. There just aren't words to describe one's kindness sometimes. I can only say this: I hope that Tim and I are always there for Kennedy like she is always there for us. I really do.

When Tim arrived back home after a week of being away there was still a lot left to do. Mom and I had discussed ways that would make the remainder of the work easier and what would be best for Kennedy. In the midst of the stress of moving we had a bit of a childcare snafoo if you will. So...we decided Mom would take Kennedy back to WV for the week and Tim and I would have our evenings to solely pack and get ready to move out of our home on Friday that week. Sunday afternoon after lunch at Zaxby's - Mom left for WV with my baby. Honestly - I sat in my car and cried - not just a sniffle cry - an all out out of breath kind of cry. I knew she was going to come back but it was still hard. So much of our schedule revolves around her needs now that it was just weird thinking of a whole week together without our baby.

In the long run - it was just what we needed. Tim and I got to have a date night without paying a sitter which has become virtually unheard of for us and we were able to get lots accomplished during the evenings to prepare for our move. We did the bulk of the moving that Friday and by this past Sunday we were totally out for good.

Mom had so much fun with Kennedy as you can read about on her blog. They went swimming, played with the neighbors girls, they went and visited Tim's grandparents, they went to the local children's museum and on the list went. Mom says she only asked about us once which was good and hard to hear but either way I know she had so much fun with Nana and Pawpaw. She has asked about them several times since she got home - wonder if that means they are more fun? ha! I was so happy to see her on Sunday words can't describe. It is nice to know that she will do well at Nana and Pawpaws when we need their help.

Playing with Sophie and Lyla

Apparently she loved the Barbie Jeep

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

The seahorse tank at the Children's Museum - very cool!

Overall, I am fairly certain this grin sums up how she felt about her time at Nana and Pawpaws.

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  1. back back back it up! (love it) I am having a hard time telling if your child is loved! HA! CUTE pics...she is soo grown up, not a baby anymore (tears). UH OH it looks like you may be investing in a ba-ba-ba-ba-BIG WHEELS! :)