Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let me start way back

I have decided since there are so many things to post about I am going to start at the beginning of those things - my sisters wedding and bring my one or maybe two readers up to speed on the Taylor life happenings.

Because I have daily Internet access - oooh I love the way that rolls off my tongue - lets say it together in unison now "I have daily Internet access". So sweet! I will get to the how and why I have daily Internet access soon enough in one of my upcoming series of postings.

So..Melissa's wedding weekend (July 17-19). We left Lexington on a Wednesday afternoon with Chelsea following behind us to come and keep my little girl during the weekend festivities. That trip is a long one and Kennedy did as well as can be expected. We arrived late Wednesday night and got all situated for the evening....or so we thought. Kennedy did not sleep - it was awful. She was up so often that I began to lose grip on reality during the evening. When I woke up on Thursday morning for a run with Melissa I felt in a complete daze. I had no clue what was wrong but she just didn't sleep. When we got back from our run and were getting ready for our pedi and mani appointments Kennedy was saying "band-aid" and gripping her ear. Ohhhhhhh....it was all beginning to make sense - the non-sleeping and the morning fussiness. Great! Right in the middle of the weekend rush - away from home - my child had seemingly developed an ear infection. Perfect! Tim and Chelsea took Kennedy to a Minut Clinic which is a little clinic inside of CVS's. They were in and out and had an antibiotic in hand and Kennedy was on the mend. All of this was going on while I was getting a mani and pedi - the utter IRONY! The
spa where we had our appointments was amazing and they did such a good job that I just took my polish off yesterday: what! That's awesome!

After our spa day it was rehearsal dinner time. The rehearsal was at a neat little pizza place which sounds super casual but it was really cool - a neat ambiance if you will. The floral arrangements Steve's parents had made were insanely beautiful and they had them done at the Farmers Market. Can you believe that?! All she did was take them the vases and they did the rest and for cheap too. I mean - I thought that was crazy insane. That's what big city living will give you access to people. I spent the night with Melissa in her hotel suite downtown which was in one word - ridonculous (937 sq feet people!). I wish I had taken pictures but I didn't - words can't really describe it. All I know is it must be how high rollers live on a daily basis - absurd.
So Pretty

My sisters, my grandparents, and I

The Farmers Market - Really!?!?!

Once I got up on Friday morning Kennedy and Tim arrived at the hotel for play time with cousins and I headed out to run home and get my wedding prep items together to be the best Matron of Honor possible to my big sister. It looked like I was moving or something - ha! Next up: hair appointments. My hair guy was a trip and a half but he did a good job. After hair - makeup @ the Bobbi Brown counter. They did a pretty good job I thought and then it was off to the church.

See what I mean? I could have been taking a small trip.

My funny hair dude.

After our Bobbi Brown makeover!

Just to add a quick funny story. It's kind of not really a secret that my Mom is brutally honest with us about...well - ANYTHING really. We were all sitting in the little get ready room sipping on some prosecco and my Mom looks at my hair and says "it looks way better than it did at your wedding". Ha! You gotta laugh or else you might cry. I told my Mom - "man, I hope I am more tactful with my own daughter one day". Else she will end up like me and change five times before meeting friends for a casual lunch like I do. Argh! That's a Mom for ya! What are you gonna do? So anyhow - apparently my hair looked pretty good.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and the little girls in their matching dresses were too precious for words. I can't wait to see the pictures the photographer snapped. The weather that day was amazing and the church was breathtakingly beautiful.

Kennedy and Chelsea (aka the best babysitter a girl could ask for).

In the Limo - ready for the reception

The reception was at the Charlotte City Club and again - words can't really do the place justice because it's simply more gorgeous than I can explain. The reception was a straight party - we danced our high heels off - literally. Melissa and Steve had a blast and so did everyone else. I was totally wracked with nervousness about my toast but in the end it went really well. They both loved it - there was laughter and there were tears - a perfect blend of emotions in my opinion. I was kind of numb during the actual toast- totally focused on the task at hand. If the number of wedding guests who complimented me is any indication of how it went - it went pretty well which is good since my big sister deserves only the best. After the wedding a lot of the younger guests went over to Champions which was the restaurant/bar on the bottom floor of their hotel and we just visited some more. Tim and I got a cab around 2 AM back to Melissa's house and called it a night. The wedding was a big success.

Saturday morning I said "goodbye" to Chelsea and I could cry just typing about it. Gosh - where do I even begin to explain how much we will miss her. She has been an indescribable blessing to our family and we will never forget the impact she has had on all our lives. She is in Pennsylvania now and started an incredible journey yesterday at a Crisis Pregnancy Center in her hometown. They are so fortunate to have her and I know God has huge things in store for her there. I am thankful that my Mother in law lives half way between here and there because Chelsea is family now and frequent visit will hopefully continue to occur forever in our future.

The first picture taken of my sweet pea and her Chelsea together. Wow - memories.

Steve's parents had a lovely get together at their lake house on Saturday afternoon and it was nice to get to visit a little more with family and friends. The little girls got to swim and go on a boat ride and us big kids got a pristine lake view off a stunning balcony on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Kennedy's first time in a life vest - all ready for her first boat ride!

The back deck view from the Wall's home - imagine waking to that every morning!

Kevin, Catina and the girls stayed with us at Melissa's house after the lunch on Saturday and we all departed Charlotte on Sunday to head back home. It's always hard to leave my sisters no matter the occasion or time between our next visit but time together is so precious I wouldn't' trade it for the world. Enough for today....more tomorrow (hopefully).

Uncle Kevin and the girls


  1. Cute pics! I'm sure it was hard to leave your sisters and Chelsea in the same weekend! Poor thing!

  2. WOW...I thought your hair was ga-ga-gorgeous at your wedding. This latest must have been something else! Hehehe....oh well, I understand where you're coming from. The pics are great and I am so happy for Melissa!