Sunday, February 15, 2009

Y'all complete me

Joseph and Heather Kessler's Wedding

In lieu of Valentine's Day I thought I would use a little play on words to let my treasured running buddies know that I miss them. Pathetic, right? I mean, after all - I have only been gone since noon on Friday but still - I am convinced all runners need a running buddy...or two....or more. Chelsea, Courtney and Billie y'all complete my running experience girls! I drug myself out of bed this morning at my in-laws (after sweet precious Kennedy had several wake-ups between 4 and 6:30 AM mind you) and went for a run that I found on If you can find Scott Depot on mapmyrun - you can find ANYWHERE on mapmyrun! Ha! Anyhow - drug myself out of bed and did a 6 miler, not only solo but sans ipod: yikes! I am sad to report it was my slowest 6 mile in I cannot remember how long - like 1hr 2mins. I have chalked up the "slowness" of the run to the inability to lose track of time. So often when I run with dear friends we talk, we confide, we laugh, we just breathe but we breathe in company, you know? When I am not running with friends (two or four legged) I typically have my Ipod and I pretty much pretend I am a rock star throughout the duration of my run. This morning, since I had neither music nor camaraderie - I just thought and did a little praying and put one foot in front of the other and the result = slow but I got it done either way. This is the longest run I have had since my last half ... movin' on up!

We have had a good Valentine's weekend with Tim's family - I LOVE being with loved ones. I wish we didn't live so far from our parents, but I am glad we are close enough to have weekends like this one. We saw some of Tim's high school friends and one of them (Joseph) got married yesterday so we went to his wedding and it was really pretty.
Today we are off on a "surprise getaway". My only instructions from my husband were to pack an overnight bag with comfy clothes, an outfit to go out to dinner in, and an outfit to hike in (sounds like my dream night away)! I am sad to leave Kennedy but she will be in wonderful care while we are away and I am thankful for the opportunity to have some alone time with my hubby.

I promise to post and give you all the details of our night away once we return. Until then...

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  1. That pic of you and Tim is so cute! I can't wait to hear about your weekend getaway! I hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy yourself! I'm sure your MIL is happy to have Kennedy!