Monday, February 16, 2009


I am sure the suspense has been killing you all right? Ha! Well, it turns out that my hubby had a trip planned to Hawks Nest State Park in Ansted, WV. I am sure to some of you a trip to a State Park doesn't sound so romantic but to me - it was! It was a rustic lodge with pretty nice little rooms (a fireplace, flat screen TV and king size bed with an AMAZING view from our balcony) in the middle of no where with some great hiking trails and beautiful mountain views all around us. When we arrived last night we hiked a trail and we were both officially whipped once we returned. Tim had found this really neat little pizza place a few minutes away ahead of time and we went there for dinner after our hike. We made a quick trip to Walmart after that - there are Walmarts EVERYWHERE y'all - and then returned to the lodge to snuggle in front of the fire and watch TV(afterall, it's a treat to us to have more than 4 channels: ha!).

We slept wonderfully though I initially doubted my ability to do so without the noise of our monitor humming in the background. Instead all I heard was my hubby falling asleep in .1 seconds and snoring .1 seconds after that - it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the man can fall asleep.

We woke up around 8:00 or so this AM and had a good ole' country breakfast before hitting the trails again for a while. Once we were officially tired and officially frigid (it was snowing) we called it a day and headed home. I missed my little girl something awful and was excited to get back to her.

It was so nice to get away and now that Kennedy was in wonderful hands but now it's back to the real world for us and back to more adequate training and more healthy eating for me. I have had more Valentine's candy than I dare to admit! Hopefully Court and I will get in an early morning run tomorrow - it looks like it's going to be a cold one. =)

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend getaway! Those pics are amazing! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! What a romantic hubby!