Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to life....back to reality.....

Obviously I am channeling a little Soul II Soul this afternoon. Anyhow, it's back to the ole grindstone otherwise known as McCaw Veterinary Clinic.

I have gotten several emails/calls to see how the weekend away was and I appreciate all of the inquiries. The weekend was wonderful. Friday night I put Kennedy to bed and then Tim and I stopped by Kohl's to do a little shopping. I had gotten some birthday money and I actually really "needed" some things. We got a couple of baby gifts for friends who are expecting, a couple of tops for me and some deep discounted clothes for Kennedy for next year. After our Kohl's trip we headed to the hotel for the evening. My sweet friend Elizabeth had baked me a strawberry cake for my birthday so we dug into that once we got settled and it was so yummy! We slept amazingly (the bed was ridiculously comfortable). We woke up in time to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant before I went to my massage. Breakfast was delicious - Belgian waffles, homemade omelets, bacon, biscuits, fresh fruit - so good! My massage was incredible - they did a mix of hot stone and hand and let's just say I didn't want to get up off the table when it was over.

After my massage we headed out to Hamburg to shop some more and run some errands Tim needed to run for work. Saturday night we went to dinner with Elizabeth and Justin at
Asuka and then went to The Penguin downtown.

We had an incredible time but I was so worn out yesterday that I cancelled my trail run plans with Courtney and Billie. I was bummed that I didn't get my run in but glad I rested up because I am flying solo all week. Tim left last night for Asheville for the week so it's just me and Kennedy until Friday night or maybe Saturday AM. Obviously training this week will be a big bust but Elizabeth has offered to keep K on Tue and Thur so I can at least get runs in those two days - Praise be! I did take some pictures this weekend, but don't have my camera with me so look for those to come.

It was wonderful having time away to be together and I appreciate so much that Chelsea not only gave us that gift but also watched Kennedy. I know the two of them have such a precious relationship and it's just nice to know I can rest assured she is being cared for so well while I am away - Thanks Chels!

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