Saturday, January 17, 2015


I had this vision the kids meeting the baby for the first time and I'd get it all photographed and blah blah blah. Listen, on two hours of sleep after delivering this sweet little peanut...Tim and I didn't exactly have our whits about us. When I say we didn't have our whits about us, what I mean is that we COMPLETELY FORGOT to put the camera in our room for this moment. So...his iphone had to suffice. 

Kennedy came in all dressed for school with Avery in tow all dressed for the day and whispered to me across from Tim's side of the bed: "Momma, what are you doing? The clock is green and Avery and I are ready! {The kids have one of those alarm clocks that turns green when it's ok to wake up (read...exit their room) and it was green and I wasn't up which is completely out of the ordinary...I'm awake before everyone 99.9% of the time}. I opened my eyes and said "the baby came last night" and if looks could communicate something -! Her eyes got so big and she smiled so huge and then immediately wanted to see him: 

Tim drug himself out of bed to go feed the kids breakfast while I nursed Micah and then when they all came back upstairs the kids took turns holding him. The feelings I had being home, watching my kids meet their new brother in my own own's just really indescribable. 
This was pretty much the scene for the next several hours: 

Although it wasn't super apparent that morning, it became clear that Grey was definitely jealous that someone had his Momma's attention. 

 I pretty much stayed in PJ's but moved from the bed to the downstairs chair so I wouldn't feel so distanced from the kids and the family happenings. My babies! 

In the immediate couple of days after Micah arrived we had few visitors - my Mom & Jim and then Tim's parents drove from WV to meet him too. 

A few days later Pranee was scheduled to come and take newborn photos. What could be sweeter than a brand new baby? I just love how they are all wrinkly and squishy and how they sleep 24/7 (except at night when you need it most;) and how they just curl up after eating and snuggle up in a little ball on your chest like it's their sole mission in life. It's the best! Of course I wanted that stage/phase documented. 

As fate would have it...because we planned this and because he's an unpredictable infant...he WOULD NOT go to sleep that morning. Even though he'd essentially slept non-stop since having him, that morning he was staying awake as if his very life depended on it. True story. Bless her patient heart because I swear it took us a good hour or more to get him to be all sweet and smushy so we could pose him however we wanted to and get some sweet pictures. He was either crying, pooping, or going cross-eyed when he looked at the camera. Perfect, right? Sigh...

She managed to work her magic and get some really sweet shots. I may have needed another shower after she left from the buckets of sweat I oozed with the stress of it all. Honestly. Just keepin' it real folks. 

In the end, it was all worth it. See for yourself! 

I love these pictures and I'm so proud of our growing brood :). Nothing makes me prouder than being their Momma. The fact that Tim and I created such beautiful little literally blows my mind. 

I thought I'd share the "out takes" from this session because I like to laugh at myself and my kids - all in good fun! 

Oh newborn babies and their crossed eyes. ha! 
 These next few could be titled "the many faces of Avery"

 I mean, I may need to be concerned that she's not quite expressive enough - right? 
 I think Grey was kind of over it. What do y'all think?

The best part? Family photos will only get more interesting and challenging. Bring it on! =)


  1. Oh my goodness!! Those pictures are (again) beautiful. You look amazing! Seriously. Cannot believe you had just given birth in these photos. Your family portrait is perfect. Grey looks so big now!!

    1. Thank you Sarah! I worked hard during my pregnancy to stay as healthy as possible and it left me feeling so much better than I have after past pregnancies. I appreciate the compliment!

  2. Congratulations on your precious new son! You had me in tears reading the last few days. SOOOO Happy for you all. God bless you as you raise your beautiful "brood" - hee hee. Hugs xo

    1. Thanks Sue! It's still hard for me to believe some days that I have 4 little people. Leaves me tired and excited all at the same time ;). I feel certain I'll be calling on the Lord more than ever! Lol.

  3. OH WOW!! Where do I even begin?!!!??? First off, I cried. Yes, cried. When I saw Grey's expressions in the "meeting Micah" pics. I don't know why, but it pulled at my heart...he definitely was feeling a little green, and maybe confused? He is so cute!! And the girls: little mommies. I love it. And then onto the newborn and family pictures. TAKE MY BREATH AWAY. They are gorgeous. Stunning. I want so badly to hold that baby. And the family pictures...WOW!! And the ones of you holding Micah are gorgeous. What a beautiful Mommy of FOUR. What a precious bunch of blessings you have and these pictures capture it perfectly. Oh, and Kennedy's eyelashes in that one picture...dang! And Ave's them all. I am glad you include them because they are perfectly her! Sigh...what a fantastic post. Love.

    1. Thanks Neenie! Pranee did an amazing job capturing our family - I'm so thankful to have met her and been able to utilize her amazing skills! Thank you - I feel my most beautiful when holding these little people for sure - such treasures of mine they are. Truly.