Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beads & Buddies

I believe I left off in July prior to blogging about the birth, which is just craziness really but oh well. Onward with the July happenings!

My sister Melissa's birthday is in July so her friend Rebecca and I worked up a fun little evening for her and it began at a cute little place called Beads Inc.

Rebecca and Melissa rode together and Melissa was unaware of where they were headed. Melissa had mentioned wanting to go to Beads Inc. so it was a nice little surprise. I showed up with wine and bruschetta and we had our own little private room to create to our hearts desire. The place is SO neat. It's basically an entire old historic home full of beads. Literally. Tons and tons of beads. You can choose a basic skeleton of a necklace or bracelet to just add to or you can start from scratch. The possibilities are literally endless. You can choose a color scheme, you can try to copycat a designer piece, etc. Truthfully, I was a tad overwhelmed but the employees there are WONDERFUL and were with us each step of the way to answer questions and to give us assistance in creating our one of a kind pieces. So.much.fun.

 Basically every room looked like the one below where you see Rebecca trying to make her selections. Wall to wall beads! 

 I wanted something in the yellow/golden family so I started with a pre-strung necklace in that color and then added the little rosette beads and the smaller beads (also pre-strung) on the right. 
 Melissa did an orange necklace with some really pretty accent beads. 
 Rebecca did a white and gold necklace. 
 Here we are with our self made custom creations. They were all SO pretty! 
I'd love to go back with some specific designs in mind. I mean, with sites like Pinterest the possibilities are truly endless. If only it were free ;). After getting our craft on we went right down the road to a restaurant Melissa had been wanting to check out. It was delicious. All in all, a really fun night out celebrating sister! 

The weekend following this celebration, Abby and Jonathan came in with their kiddos en route to the beach. It was so nice to have some time with friends and we've missed them so much since moving here from KY. We had all these really grand plans for things to do while they were here but then they arrived and with them came a bunch of rain...blowing our pool plans completely out of the water. Pun intended. Luckily the kids didn't seem to care...they just played and played and had a grand ole' time. We did manage to do a few fun things while they were here though: 

We made play dough: 

Hit up our local ice cream joint: 

We attempted to get some pictures of our boys together: 

The best part of their visit was our double date night. I hired our sitter and her sister and the four of us went out to dinner and it was glorious. We even got to celebrate Abby's birthday  while she was here. We really had such a great time and the kids did too. I was so sad to see them go, yet so thankful that they came. I hope it becomes an annual tradition (wink, wink Abby...no pressure!)

My girls love their sitter so they were all excited to share here with Adalyn.
 Can't remember the last time we went on a double date but I wish we could do it more often. 
 Dinner at one of my faves: Cantina 1511 & dessert from Daphne's (compliments of Jonathan's forethought). Delish! 

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