Thursday, August 9, 2012

Silly Me

I love that the title to my last posting was "Almost There"......silly me because here I sit...still pregnant! I am officially 40 weeks and 2 days to be exact and I really didn't think I would make it this far.Clearly the good Lord above has other plans for this little boys arrival and isn't concerned with a little ole thing called a due date.

Positives: Greyson is healthy and so am swelling, no elevated BP, minimal weight gain & even some loss (in the last few weeks), almost completely gone is my back pain (can I get a woop woop) and my body is doing what it is supposed to be doing to get ready to deliver (I'll spare you the details).

Negatives: Greyson is in...he is super low which makes bending, going from sitting to standing and playing with two super active kiddos kinda uncomfortable, every time I do something anticipating it to be the "last time" pre-delivery I am inevitably wrong because alas I am still pregnant (grocery shopping, shaving, packing, balancing the checkbook and getting bills current, etc. etc.), the hormones that come with being at this point in the pregnancy (need I say more, Momma's?) and just pure anxiousness to meet him and get on with the next stage of our lives with three kiddos.

I keep trying to remind myself to have perspective....lots of different kinds of perspective:
-he WILL come eventually
-I'm blessed to have the help I've had thus far allowing me to ready myself as best as possible
-I have a super cautious and kind midwifery staff that will deliver me when the time comes
-The hospital system where we'll deliver is stellar and I'm sure to be taken wonderful care of
-My daughter is praying for me aloud 2-3 times daily and never forgets to say "Please make that baby come soon" and "please help Mommy's back feel better"...warms my heart
-Although he is technically "late" at this point..."late" is FAR better than "early" where his health and mine are concerned. main objective as of late (since last week when I thought I'd be going into labor at any moment) is just to try the best I can to keep our days normal...little outings, lots of play time with my girls and just getting rest when I can. Kennedy has been very understanding of my need to nap during Avery's afternoon nap (thank Heavens!). We went to the Concord Mills Shopping Mall yesterday so the girls could play in their kiddie play area and there was an indoor carousel too. Plus...Momma got some walking in! Today we are headed out to Freedom Park to play because it's a bit overcast and the temps aren't supposed to get too super high so I figure we'll get out and get some fresh air. In all honesty I just want to lay here and wait to go into labor but that's not fair to my girls and thus I am just asking the Lord to give me the strength to push all that stuff aside (those darned hormones again) and just do for them the best I can.

Here is my 40 week shot:
Although they are from my phone, here are some cute pics I snapped yesterday at the mall. this was Avery's first time on a carousel and when the ride was over...she cried!
After the carousel ride and play time in their indoor kids play area, they rode an indoor kiddie mall train (because their Honey spoils them and is incapable of saying "no"...and they love her for it).

I also had my turn at not being able to say "no" and conceded to the mini carousel ride for $1.00 - Avery cried when this was over too...poor baby: ha!

I think they had a fun time and we'll definitely go back to that mall - if I actually shopped I'd practically need ALL DAY to work my way through all those outlet stores and sales.

That's all for now...let's hope my next posting includes a baby announcement. ;)

ps - thanks to all of you who are praying, texting, calling, FB messaging, etc. to check up on me and let me know you're thinking of lifts my spirits and I'm so very thankful for your love and support - {insert virtual blog hug here}!


  1. C'mon Greyson!! You know I am sending "let's have a baby" vibes your way!! Love you, sister. Hang in there...Greyson is just trying to make his entrance grand by being fashionably late!!

  2. Lindsy,

    Just wanted you to know that I think of you often! Can't wait to see those baby pics. That little boy is going to be so loved by those two big sissies! The girls are getting so big--and so beautiful! Kennedy will be a great help for you and Avery and Greyson will be great playmates! We miss seeing you all at church!
    Love, Lori V.