Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Brother

Right after we called my Mom to let her know I was in labor, we called Tim's parents who would be making the trip all the way from West Virginia. Nana and Pawpaw were Greyson's second hospital visitors.

three generations of Taylor men
Greysons next visitors were his big sisters (who were very excited to see Nana and Pawpaw) & Aunt Melissa.
My and my three sweet blessings...
Greyson started his birthday out right by being a true gentleman and bringing gifts for his two big sisters.

Their very own babies to take care of while Mommy takes care of her new baby.

Our first picture as a family of five.
Kennedy was talking to him and loving on him right away - he's a lucky and much loved little boy!
Avery pretty much just stared with a quizzical look - this child has SO many different expressions!
Aww...little brother

I have so many pictures to post, but so little time to do it. Today was a bit of a challenging day. Grey was really fussy and I'm not really sure why. As Moms we rarely do get an answer as to "why" when it comes to our kiddos. Why did they cry, why won't they sleep, why did she behave that way, why did she say that, etc. etc? We can guess and speculate and try to determine, but we never really know. I can think of nothing more frustrating than a crying and fussy baby that you are unable to console....oh it's so just sad and trying and I don't even know how to explain it. Anyhow - I keep reminding myself that this sleep deprived, exhausted and hormonally emotional state will be gone before I know it but when you're IN it, it's tough! Overall, Greyson is a content baby but I think we are experiencing an early growth spurt that has him a bit out of sorts. So...if I can put him down tomorrow (which wasn't possible today) maybe I can share some more pics with you!


  1. He is so sweet and your family is beautiful! And, girl, I hear you on the challenging part!! But tomorrow is another day.... Or at least this is what I am telling myself. Now, if only the connection between today and tomorrow (I.e. Night!) wasnt so rough!

  2. He is absolutely beautiful! SO happy for you guys, you will have lots of help with those sweet girls. That boy won't be able to get into any trouble with two big sisters watching out for him! :D Can't wait to hopefully meet him when you road trip back to Kentucky! Miss you guys! Love all the pictures!