Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Almost there

Yesterday marked my 39th week of pregnancy. I'd like to say that meant I only have one week maximum to go, but truthfully I never thought I'd make it this far so who knows when Greyson is going to make his debut at this point. I do know one thing...he can't stay in there for forever so there WILL be and end.....I just don't know when.

Here's my pretty little sign holder getting ready before we took my 39 week belly picture on Sunday. We took these pictures after church on and Avery was deliriously tired (as is usually the case after church on Sundays)so it's just K and I. We wanted to get the pics over with and change because we were sweating to death!
You can't tell in these pictures, but we were straight up in running down our legs and backs sweating. HOT!

We were both literally half undressed before we even got down the steps to the basement: ha!

The kids were all playing in Declan's nursery on Sunday afternoon and I snapped some this one of Avery - she's getting so big so fast!
They are always rolling all over each's cute...most of the time.

Of course I have to share one of this cutie - he has had a big two weeks around here - started walking last week and clapping on Sunday.

Yay - look what I can do?!

Sweet girl in her church dress....she looks so darling and innocent.

That is - until you try to take "her" toy: ha! They do pretty good most of the time but it never fails they always want what the other has. This exact scene plays out about 25 or 100 times a week around here.

My back pain has improved some and I'm not sure whether to attribute it to help with the kids (thanks to my Mom and sisters) or to the fact that Greyson has gotten "into position"( so to speak) and thus has relieved some of what I was feeling. Regardless of the how/why...I'm just thankful. I've remained cautious with lifting, walking, etc. despite having relief because I still need to labor and I want to be in the best physical condition possible whenever that time comes (which as I've already stated is currently coming at a much less rapid pace than I was anticipating). I digress. Monday I was trying to figure out how to entertain my girls while still staying put for the most part. Enter inflatable pool. They had so much fun and some of the pictures I snapped with my phone turned out so very funny:

Kennedy left yesterday to spend a few days with her cousins so it's just Avery here with Tim and I and although I'm sure she's missing Kennedy - she is ALL ABOUT all the individual attention she's getting. She is SUCH a ham and has Tim and I laughing multiple times a day lately. I'm glad I can give her special one on one time right now before Greyson comes because Lord knows when I'll be able to do that after his arrival. I'm so thankful, too, that Kennedy loves her cousins as much as she does because I know she's having a BLAST!

I had an appointment with my midwife today and she's predicting I'll go into labor within the next couple of days so it will make Aunt Melissa's life easier to only have Declan and Avery to cart back and forth and not all three. In other words, Kennedy's trip may be a perfectly timed blessing where kiddo transport is concerned. My fingers are crossed that my midwifes prediction is true..I'm ready to meet this little man!


  1. A few things :) Giiiirl, you look absolutely GORGEOUS! Dontcha wanna stay pregnant forever?! JUST KIDDING! But in all seriousness, pregnancy looks fantastic on you. I cannot get over how long Avery's hair is! She has changed so much. And the pool pics are hilarious....I love how good your babies play together. And Declan, oh me, sooo handsome!