Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Saturday

Our church had several Easter service options available - a Good Friday service, a Saturday night service and two Sunday services. We decided to go to the Good Friday service and the Saturday evening Easter service, leaving our Sunday open for a relaxing and lazy morning with the girls.

The Good Friday service was preached by one of the associate pastors and it was SO good! He did a painting during a video clip and it was one of my favorite parts of the entire service - just the image reminding us of the sacrifice Jesus made for us - always so powerful and humbling! He painted this in 10 minutes with no brushes - hands only. Isn't it incredible?
After the Good Friday service we went out to dinner with some of our good friends from church to Chuy's (I'm seriously developing an addiction to that place!). The food and fellowship was awesome...our kids behavior: not so much! We got them straight home and straight to bed following dinner!

Saturday was a beautiful day and we were all really looking forward to the Easter service. The service was so good and worship was so amazing and dressing the girls in matching Easter dresses from their "Honey": so super fun! Here are some of my favorite pictures (all 80 of them!)

Avery had woken up from her afternoon nap right before getting her dressed and leaving so she was pretty tickled during picture time thank heavens: 
Enamored with big sister
Every time I sat Avery down in the grass, she hovered her little leg up high (I guess the grass was itchy) and it cracked me up because at the end of her chubby little leg were perfectly pointed toes:
Sometimes it is SO hard to catch good pictures of Kennedy and Avery together but I hit the jackpot on this one (if I do say so myself). Seriously?!?!? I love it!
More sweetness:

I'm still trying to work on my camera skills with my macro lens, so some of these could use a little editing but they are capturing such precious moments/expressions:

Avery is a nose scruncher...Kennedy made this face every now and then as a baby but Avery makes it often (when she is trying to be coy, when she is cracked up about something, when she wants attention, etc.) I'm so happy we've gotten it captured because I LOVE it when she does it - it's too funny:

Kennedy is just getting so big..honestly - where is the time going?

When I was a little girl I hated being dressed up - especially in pantie hose. According to my Mom and sisters I would start stripping in the church parking lot and Kennedy has adopted my distaste for remaining in what I like to call "crunchy church clothes" too. As soon as we got home she wanted to change and I figured it best to change Avery too since the dresses were so sweet I didn't want them to get dirty anyways. Avery looked so cute in her bloomers sans dress I snapped a few pics real quick:

These two girls love them some musical cards - their Nana gave them these cards for Easter and we are STILL playing with them daily. She was just sitting in her chair rocking and dancing and I couldn't stop taking pictures because it was so cute!

Thankfully we got one good family picture after church. In all the rest someone isn't looking or has their mouth open or is blinking and what have  you.
It's hard to believe that next year at Easter there will be another baby in this picture...oh my. We had a special Easter Sunday too...more on that in the next posting.

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  1. WOW! Your pic of the painting of Jesus is simply AMAZING. I would have been moved to tears. I love a good Easter service.
    Um, your pics are awesome!!! WAY TO GO! You are moving right along with that macro lens (good decision, eh?!) and you got some great effects going on! :)