Sunday, April 22, 2012

24 and more

This week marked my 24th week of pregnancy. Trying to get "bump photos" is always challenging with these two and today proved no different. It's pretty funny how these two pictures taken within moments of each other look so different (belly-wise)....I will say I was laughing in the second one  and it must have tightened things up a tad because Avery was (for some unknown reason) terrified of the magnolia tree today and it was taking all I had to keep her from lunging from my arms and I just had to laugh. The laughing must have shrunk the bump!

We made an exciting purchase this weekend - I'm now a proud member of the Minivan owning Mama brigade ;). We realized shortly after moving Kennedy into her booster seat and moving Avery from the infant car seat into the convertible car seat - that we were not going to be able to fit Greyson between the two of them in the Jeep after his arrival and August will be here before we know it. We've been looking for a while and that search is frustrating because these vans...they are popular (despite what y'all with minivan phobias out there may think), they are hard to find with low mileage and they are hard to find in this area (we saw lots in Ga, FL, and AL). Tim found one last week on AutoTrader and when we realized it was in Florence, KY and met all our "wanted" criteria minus being equipped with a DVD player, we were excited to go take a look. I kept thinking on the way there  yesterday how ironic the whole trip was because the last time I went to Florence, KY I was going to David's Bridal to pick up my wedding dress. I dreamily looked over at Tim on the way and sweetly asked "do you remember our last trip to Florence"? (he rode with me when I picked up my dress...though it was completely covered in plastic: no worries I was traditional in that sense). He straight up looked at me and was all "have I been there before"? Sigh! Really?!?! My response:" don't remember anything?" Crickets Oh well! I still think it's hysterical that 7 years ago I bought my bridal gown  in Florence and yesterday on our second trip to that same city, we were purchasing this:

I love the way it drives and we got a great deal on it and it will be wonderfully convenient when Greyson arrives in August so we are just so thankful. The time has flown - it doesn't seem that long ago that we picked up that gown and then said "I do" and now here we are with 2 kids, another on the way and proud owners of a new/used minivan.  Bring on baby #3! ;)


  1. Yay for a van!! :) I've got some time before I move over to the "dark side". HA! Love the look and color of your van! And I'm so excited that you got a great deal on it and it's now checked off your to-do list. I know how a big purchase like that can just wear on ya when you just have to keep searching! Can't wait to see it in person:)
    (And the two pics of your belly are significantly different! so funny:)) Is it not insane that we're this close to third trimester??

  2. I basically have to say "ditto" to Abby's comment above! HAHA! BUT I don't know that I will ever come to the "dark side." But the phrase "swagger wagon" makes it a little more pleasing to me. About as pleasing as brussel sprouts...but whatever. :) I know this has always been something you have wanted and I am super-thrilled for you to finally have it! I think the dark-side may have called to you when you were a momma of just one...but you waited. :)
    AND YES. There is definitely some bump shrinkage going on! HIGH-larious! I have noticed that in my bump pictures but it has less to do with laughing (though I may try that next time) and more to do with my horrible posture (which makes the bump stick out funky). I think you look beautiful and can't wait to rub bellies with you in May!
    Something I have noticed with yours and Abby's bumps: your bumps take up your whole midsection longitudinally. Mine is like a spare tire around my lower belly. I am envious of your whole-belly-bump. I actually have a ROLL (yup) between my boobs and my baby bump when I sit/slouch/lean. How 'bout them apples? It ain't pretty either. Have I mentioned I want my bump to be like yours? Bump Envy. ;)

  3. WOW. I just blogged a comment. Spech-al.