Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Avery TV & some random pictures!

So - remember how I was saying that my girls love a musical card? Well, here's proof!
And our  newest development in the Taylor household: Avery is walking! She can only go a few steps before  needing assistance but I know from going down this road with Kennedy - she'll be running before we know it!

The weather has been so nice here and at night after supper Tim has been taking the girls for a wagon ride while I clean up and get bed time stuff together. Here is a picture of the girls on Avery's first wagon ride (please ignore the dumpster in our neighbors driveway). She loves riding in the wagon and Kennedy still does too - it doesn't get old I suppose.
 The girls are playing together and interacting more and more and I just love it - I love watching them laugh and I love seeing Avery's little adoring face as she stares up at her sister: precious!
For whatever reason Avery enjoys getting herself into some interesting spaces ~
~and sometimes she just chills once she gets herself there.
Big sister is never far away:
 My little animal lover was spending some quality time with Harley (aka - the best and most tolerant dog in the world) the other day and she asked me to take pictures of them together:
She didn't realize I was still snapping away when I caught the next one - don't you love how "baby" is lovingly tucked on the other side of her...oh and her ballet outfit (24/7 y'all!)?

Avery was starting to get a mullet...seriously...hair curling over and under her shirt collars (ew) so I gave her a little trim on Easter weekend. I know some people are all sentimental about their kids hair (not wanting to cut it until they are a certain age or it's a certain length and what not) but it's kind of up their with snotty noses and waxy ears for me...the whole mullet thing is, so it had to go!
It's not the straightest cut ever, but it looks so much better to me that I'm ok with that ;)

Those are all the random pics for now, though at the rate that I'm taking pictures lately (not nearly as much as I used to) I'm sure there's way more random picture posts in my future.


  1. Well, I am so happy that my child is not the only kid that likes to climb through chair legs and under tables. Ruthie also sits under tables like Avery and seems very proud of herself. Also, Ruthie has a mullet, but Matt doesn't want me to cut it. It is driving me CRAZY! It may have to be cut soon if the hair on top of her head doesn't grow in soon.
    Hope you are feeling well! I'm so glad that even though we are far away I can still see your kids growing up on your blog and facebook.

  2. I had a good chuckle over Avery sitting on that table shelf - hee hee. Thanks for posting a peek into your Easter and daily fun! Blessings to you and your beautiful family!! xo

  3. Big girl walking!! So sweet:) Glad you caught it on camera.

  4. Yay on the walking! So cute! And I am in complete agreement with the hair cutting - Austin was 6 months when I cut his mullet off myself and 9 months the first time he got a real haircut. Love the one of Kennedy and your dog - so precious!

  5. So sweet!!! You and I agree on the no mullets thing! Rhett's had to go too ha!!! Oh and LOVE the picture of Kennedy and that sweet dog!