Friday, September 23, 2011

Kennedy Turns 4 ~ Part Two

So, I left off talking about plan pacifier cessation at Build-a-bear. Kennedy has never had paci prejudice - she would pretty much take any type, shape and/or make of pacifier. She just loved a paci. So...we had several in and around the house that we bagged up in preparation for the "stuffing ceremony".
Unfortunately I had to work on this Saturday but I wanted her to go in then because the same worker who helped her stuff and make Kitters was going to be in on that Saturday. So...Daddy took both girls (I know right? - Impressive!) back so that Kitters could have her surgery. He said they were so awesome about the whole thing....talking Kennedy through it and even having her chant "I'm a big girl and I don't need my pacifiers anymore!" After the BAB worker opened Kitters back up, Kennedy kissed the pacifiers and then stuffed them inside.  
Kennedy was then instructed to hold Kitters hand through the surgery so that Kitters could be brave (seriously? Genius!). How sweet is this?
Almost good as new with "Mommy" by her side.
They told Kennedy that now whenever she felt sad or missed her pacifiers to squeeze Kitters tight and now that they were with her and she could be brave (I really could kiss those people!). They showed her exactly where they were in Kitters's body so she could actually squeeze them. Tim said Kennedy was completely committed to the entire process. Such a big girl.

Once I got home from work, I started making Kennedy's birthday cake. She had mentioned really wanting a Sleeping Beauty birthday cake. Well, let me just tell you that when I obliged I had NO idea how hard it was going to be to deliver. You CANNOT find a sleeping beauty form pan which is what I had planned on doing...I figured that would be the easiest way. Well - who knew that it would be a completely unavailable item. So...plan two: make Sleeping Beauty's birthday cake. We watch princess movies on the regular in our house but for you people who may not remember, in the movie Sleeping Beauty - Flora, Fauna and Merriweather make Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty a 16th birthday cake and therein I found my creative inspiration.

Sadly, you can't even find an image online but I did find this French version clip that shows a still frame of it. At casa de la Taylor we pretty much had this scene frozen on our TV from the DVD so I could run back and forth from the kitchen trying to get it just right. Yes - I am that OCD perfectionist (at least I own it).

Although it was challenging to make a stacked layer cake (a first for me) - it was SO fun! Kennedy stood beside me on the chair and she just had this look of awe and wonder that I wish I could have bottled up. She kept saying "you're doing so good Mommy" and it just solidified that it was indeed a special thing to make my baby's birthday cake. She patiently awaited the chance to place Aurora gently on the top of the cake.
I was really pleased with how it turned out. I'm pretty sure Kennedy was thrilled too.
We had her bestie Matthew over along with his brothers and parents. We had a nice dinner followed by present opening and cake. It was a perfectly special and low-key evening for my big 4 year olds birthday. Don't get me wrong - I love a BIG OLE SHINDIG, but with two kids and both of us working it just wasn't the year. At first I was feeling guilty and sad about not doing a big party, but in the end it was obvious she had a blast and it was a really special evening.  
She is a loved little girl and got lots of birthday presents from friends and family. In this picture she had just opened a gift from Chelsea. It is a book about princesses and as she turns the pages, the book is read aloud to her. Kennedy was several pages in before I realized it was Chelseas voice that she had pre-recorded before mailing it to Kennedy for her birthday. Chelsea is like part of our family so I was all emotional hearing her voice....Kennedy wasn't about to shut the book before she listened to the entire thing read aloud though. She wanted to read the book again before has been really sweet because at the end Chelsea says "I love you Kennedy" and Kennedy always shouts back "I love you too Chelsea!"
The birthday girl and her guest Matthew.
We have so few pictures of the four of us but I'm glad Justin snapped this one.
These two are so incredibly sweet to each other and they love spending time together:
I suppose they love each other so because it all began.........
 way back when...they are growing up!
Kennedy hasn't paci-relapsed and is totally in LOVE with Kitters:
look at all of her birthday loot:

It was a pretty awesome 4th birthday. It's hard for me to believe that this time next year she will be in Kindergarten - OH.MY.WORD!


  1. Wow... she made out like a bandit! I have so much to say in response to this post. 1st... LOVE her little flip flops in the BAB pics. 2... teared up reading about stuffing her Kitters, especially seeing the pics of her holding Kitter's hand. 3... AMAZING JOB on Kennedy's cake! Very impressed!

    Looks like your little "big" girl had herself one amazing 4th birthday!

  2. oh how sweet! Those kids are just too cute! I am loving the book that Chelsea did! That is awesome.
    PS Let's hang out soon b/c we will be graduating in Dec and hopefully moving soon after that so let's get together! Also, I need to see those precious girls of yours and their parents.