Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's been a little

Cah-razy in the Taylor household. Tim just returned from being in Idaho for two weeks. Yes - I said two weeks! Shew! Usually I do o.k. when he is gone but this time....with two kids and that length of time I kind of wasn't o.k. by the end (just keepin' it real). Avery ended up getting a chest cold two days after he left and that coupled with just the regular stresses of parenting two vs. one and doing so solo was just tough! Let's just say I'm super happy that he's back! I had several friends offer to help me while he was away and I took them up on it. Courtney kept the girls one day so I could go to a Dr.'s appointment and when I returned this adorableness was happening...
Last weekend my Dad and Kathy decided to come to visit and I was so glad they did because a prior co-worker of mine was getting married and I really wanted to go but hated to leave the girls. I had arranged for a friend to keep them, but Grandaddy and Gigi were happy to take that responsibility over. The wedding was so cute. It was at this little white country church in a town not far outside of Lexington called Owenton. I kept singing that country song "Take me down to the little white church" the whole time. Can you see why:
Dawn, Michelle and I.
Friday the praise and worship director texted me to see if I would be willing to sing on Sunday so there again it was wonderful to have help with the kids. I loved their expressions when they came rushing into the sanctuary just in time after getting the kids to their rooms and said "we're getting old"! =) What's my excuse for being frazzled every Sunday?
My Dad (ever the super handy Mr. fix-it) offered to work on any odd jobs I had around the house so I took him up on it. Tim and I have been meaning to transition the training wheels from an old bike someone gave us onto Kennedy's bike. Well, those wheels didn't fit but Grandaddy went out and got the ones that did fit and put them on.
Kennedy was super interested in the entire process.
Do you love how she's all in her pink polo dress with princess slippers and pink hair bow but playing with the tools? The girl loves some tools!
She was so excited to get on her "big girl" bike and try it out.

Do you love the concentration face - tongue and all?
So proud!
This sweet girl had her six month check up last week. It was a little late (she'll be 7 months on October 1st) but the Dr.'s summer schedule was nutty. She's getting so big!

Two kids at the pediatric office (so fun! ~ a tiny bit of sarcasm). Kennedy ended up needing to use the restroom - like...really use the restroom and of course that occurred right after Avery finally stopped crying and fell asleep on my shoulder which happened right before the nurses came in with three shots - oh my.....Mommy was sweatin'!
Avery is 15% in height and weight and her head circumference is 51%. ;)
I always took a picture of Kennedy with her band-aids on after her well check appointments so of course I wanted Avery's too. Well, the day just got away from me and by the time I could get her in a position to snap her picture she wasn't happy because it was almost bead time. Poor baby!
The Dr. gave us the green light on trying rice cereal with Avery so we  began that night (my fingers were crossed it would = more sleep). The jury is still out on whether or not more sleep is going to be a result of beginning some food but I sure hope so! She does seem to like it though!
Although Tim is home and I am so super happy about it - I haven't seen him yet. I flew out to visit my sister and her new little baby on Thursday and he flew back in from Idaho on Friday. The girls are with his Mom and Dad (no doubt having a blast and getting super spoiled) so they've not seen him yet either. I fly back to KY tomorrow evening and we pick the girls up on Tuesday. It will be nice to all be together and back to or normal again.


  1. So cute! I love that K loves tools and that will serve her well later! Also, we have a dress that matches the strawberry headband perfectly! I think it is the exact same fabric. Looks like the girls had fun with your dad and stepmom.

  2. Oh Lindsy...I can't imagine how tough it was with Tim gone. I know how tough it can be with my Hubby gone and we don't have 2 little ones underfoot.

    I love to come visit and see all your pics of your beautiful daughters. I feel like I know you all and I am smitten with that cutie pie Kennedy - hee hee

    Hopefully one day I'll get out to KY and try & meet up with you & Abby!

    Have a great week ;-)

  3. Girl...I give you major props being able to fly solo for 2 weeks with 2 little ones!! So glad you are getting to spend some time with your sister and new baby! Hope it is going well!

  4. SO definitely proud of you for winging it alone!! Cannot imagine! I was surprised to hear that you sing at church sooo proud I would love to hear you!!!! Hope you got all your lovin in with Declan can't wait to hear more about that. So if I tought that Avery maybe looked like you, I was wrong she looks so much like Tim. She is getting so big and cute as always.