Thursday, September 1, 2011

6 months and some catching up

Guess who is 6 months old today? This little smiley peanut! It's so hard to believe that 6 months has passed already. It's a blur sadly.....but a good blur. She's so good natured and happy - we just feel blessed!

I don't have any 6 month stats (her appointment is later this month) but I'm pretty sure she's low on the percentile scale in size. This is her little friend Andrew who is about two months younger than her, but you can't really tell - can you? Aren't they cute lying next to each other. It's just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. You know Kennedy's little BFF Matthew? This is his little brother. 
My sweet girls all dressed up for church one Sunday. I love that Kennedy was wiping something off of her face...just one more way it's apparent she's my child!
Our church had a little neighborhood carnival a while back and Kennedy asked the face painting girl to do a princess crown. Boy did she deliver! Check this out. It accents the elephant hair ties nicely, don't you think?
Most of the pools around here are closed or opening later in the afternoons now, but I'm glad I drug myself out (it was a bit overwhelming with two kids and one of them being little bitty) a few times this summer because Kennedy LOVED it. Always the brave one: 

Thank goodness again for Avery being such a "go with the flow" baby, because this is what she'd end up doing on most pool days.
They are beginning to interact more and I love it. Whenever Avery starts crying, Kennedy will say "no, Mommy - don't move her I'll make her happy". Precious! Usually...she's right.
Thank goodness for peoples status updates on Facebook (there's a sentence I never thought I'd say) because I find out about some cool things going on around Lexington - like this Princess Night at Chick-fil-A. We went with our friend A and Mrs. Kentucky was there...aka...a "real princess"
There were carriage rides:

You like the way that teal fingernail polish coordinates with the lime green Tinkerbell necklace and pink Sleeping Beauty dress?
I love doing fun stuff like that with Kennedy - I just treasure her reactions to things: such minor things can trigger such's priceless. Kennedy went home with her Nana on Saturday after Tim and I concluded a marital conference here in Lexington that she and Pawpaw had come in to babysit for. She was so excited to go and kept telling them "come on Nana, come on Pawpaw" as I asked for the 3rd or 4th hug bye bye. It sounds like she's had a great time but man has it been quiet in our household. We miss her terribly so I'm excited to be picking her up tomorrow. Tim and I have been able to watch some movies and eat dinner without being's been wonderful but just unusual and we've become accustomed to the daily chaos with two kids so we're happy she'll be home soon. The silver lining: I finished a family photo book on Mixbook, I've been able to post two blogs, I've gotten a little more sleep than usual and have checked off some other "to do's". Too bad I didn't deep clean my house or organize their next season wardrobe and playroom like I intended. Oh well...another day!  

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  1. Wow has it really been six months already?? She looks more and more like her seeeester every day!