Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big Girl

My baby is growing up...she turned three years old on Wednesday. We've done quite a bit to celebrate her birthday and she has enjoyed every minute of it.

Last weekend we went to Winston Salem because she informed me that she wanted her best friends to be at her party and when I asked her who her best friends were she said "my cousins". Luckily my sisters and I enjoy being together as much as the cousins, so they were willing to all meet up and give Kennedy exactly what she wanted for her birthday - time with them and their kiddos.

<>Friday night we drove straight into Charlotte so we could watch Melissa's husband Steve's football team play. He coaches at Country Day and they were playing their rival Charlotte Catholic. It promised to be a good game and I love me some high school football so we were there cheering Country Day on! Unfortunately after double over time - Charlotte Catholic one. I was heart sick but it was a fantastic game and we really enjoyed ourselves.
This was the first game of the season so they passed out beads and noise makers. Here we are proudly sporting our Country Day beads.

These little noise makers were passed out when we arrived and once Kennedy got the hang of it - there was no stopping her!

Aunt Melissa

I thought these two were too cute not to post. She was getting the play by play from Daddy!

By the time the game was over it was late and we didn't make it from Charlotte to Winston Salem until a little after midnight. We tucked Kennedy in bed next to Catherine Page (who woke up to say "I love you Aunt Lindsy" - gasp! =) and went to bed. Of course our little early riser was up early the next morning despite going to bed late. There was a play room and 3 playmates awaiting so who needs sleep, right?

Saturday was spent lounging and finalizing party plans. I booked 4 spa appointments for the girls at a childrens spa in Winston Salem called Simply Sassy. It was so sweet. The girls really seemed to have had a great time. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - me snapping pictures or them having the actual services done: it was seriously cute!

First up: Manicures! Don't you love that they even had miniature spa robes?

When asked if she wanted glitter, polka dots or stripes on her fingernails, Kennedy simply answered: "yes". So....behold the final product of that decision:

Next up were pedicures:

And don't you know every girl needs a little beverage while she relaxes and is pampered!

For our toes we were a bit more decisive and elected for polka dots:

Now it was off to the makeup chair:

Cheers, sister!

Happy after a relaxing afternoon at the spa!
Me and my "baby"

After our spa appointments we went back to the house and had a delicious meal of Papa Johns pizza (tailgate special), salad and of course....the cake! For some reason Kennedy started out wanting a Woody cake from Toy Story and in the end she was all about Cinderella so Cinderella she got.....

When I asked her after her party what her favorite part of the day was she replied: "playing with cousins and my new Cinderella toy". The Cinderella toy on top of her cake was a gift from her Aunt Catina, Uncle Kevin, Catherine Page and Maggie. Looks like it was a good choice!

I would say it was quite the 3rd birthday celebration, huh? It was the birthday that kept giving though...more on that to come. I think there are enough photos in this one post for like 3! =)


  1. Happy Late Birthday, Kennedy!
    I cannot believe she is 3! Looks like she had an amazing day of fun and I'm so excited about the Cinderella cake and toy!

  2. Oh WOW! She has grown up so much, it is amazing! She is such a BIG GIRL now! I am reminded of the lady bug and turtle themed parties for 1 and 2...and I tear up! The pics of the spa party are awesome and what a neat idea! I love it, I love her, and I miss you all!! Glad she enjoyed turning the big 3! ;)

  3. Looks like little Miss K had a fun "girls day"! So glad you all had a great trip and the party was a success!