Sunday, August 29, 2010

12 Weeks

Thursday marked my 12th week of pregnancy. I am happy to have now shared the news with everyone and even happier to feel like we've reached a major milestone in this pregnancy which has afforded me a little bit of relief.

When I was pregnant with Kennedy I took bare belly pictures. Well, now that I am on kiddo numero dos - that aint happenin' folks. I do still plan to document the belly with photos though. Here are a couple for your viewing pleasure:

I can see that I am filling the dress out a bit more and I can see Kennedy is much more excited about holding the number 1 & 2 than she was the 6.

It's funny...I feel like my stomach just knew what to do with this pregnancy and poked on out. Oh well - I am staying active and I feel good so bring it on! =)

For giggles - here's 12 weeks with Kennedy. *Keep in mind I started out a wee bit smaller with her (wink wink).


  1. Love the "remember when" belly pic compared to the present. You look stunning and the bump is SUPPOSED to happen! :) Even more so w/ baby just is that way! I miss you. (and I like your new blog layout) (and is it sad that I am commenting just as soon as you've posted this? yes, I have nothing better to is asleep in my lap)

  2. p.s. glad you are back to the blogging world...I missed you on here, too.

  3. Oh Lindsy... congratulations!!! How fun and exciting that you and Abby are having babies together (sort of). How fun! How are you feeling? I bet Kennedy is totally excited to be a big sister!!

    I'm thrilled for you on this blessed news!!


  4. Your little bump is so cute! And I don't think it looks much different from the 12 week pic from K! Love that you have K holding the weeks up. So cute:)

  5. Congrats, Lindsy! I hope you have a happy & healthy pregnancy! I am sure your little girl is thrilled to have a new brother or sister on the way ;0)