Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Exciting Announcements

First - I am thrilled to announce that we FINALLY have purchased a camera. After months and months of having no camera I was going postal because I'm such a picture taker. Our old powershot got dropped a year ago at the beach (face down in the sand) and it finally declared us worthless owners and stopped working with no warning. My film camera broke about 4 months before that and was going to cost more to fix than the camera was worth. In the meantime I've been using a friends film camera - solely. That's right my technologically advanced friends - I said film and solely in the same sentence.

You can now appreciate and join in my enthusiasm: Wooo-hooo. It's not our dream camera, but it is a good camera that we can take with us places and get some good quality pictures. I still dream of one day having a big ole' mac daddy camera but until then - this will be wonderful and convenient and um...pretty sure I'm just happy to have one. Best Buy is currently having good sales on digital cameras and I'm a big believer in all things Canon so I was happy to see they had Powershots on sale this week. I have been saving my paychecks from my second job for such a time as this. So..without further ado, our camera:
I'm not kidding when I tell you when I tell you I had a new spring in my step and outlook on life when I left Best Buy with this baby. Canon Powershot - oh how I've missed you. I'm glad you're home! Ha!

My new camera brings me to my second announcement. Kennedy has something she wants to share with you.

In March she is going to become a:

Tomorrow marks my 12th week of pregnancy so we are happy to be sharing the news with you all. Kennedy and I saw the little peanut on ultrasound a few weeks ago and Tim was with me today to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Oh that glorius sound. Tears of joy just streamed down my face and thankfulness filled my heart when that doppler finally got into position so I could hear his/her heart clearly and loudly. Thank you Lord! We are overjoyed  to be adding to our family.

As we sat waiting our turn to be called into the examination room I thought as we sat there next to each other:
"Wow...our second child. The day we met came back to mind, the day we got our first house and our second. The day we brought Kennedy home and the day we found out we were pregnant with this baby. So many things have been experienced togehter as a couple but none more magnificent than having, watching and raising Kennedy."

And now.....we get to do it all over again! Very cool...


  1. YAY for new camera...DOUBLE YAY for baby numero 2! Excited to travel down this journey with you again! Cannot believe how drastically our lives have changed since that fateful meeting in step aerobics! love you!!

  2. I'm so excited, I can't even explain!!!!! You were preggers with K when we met, now she is going to be 3 years old and you're having a second!!! Unbelievable. God is so good. Can't wait to squeeze and kiss this little baby and my Kennedy again soon! Love you.

  3. YAY!!! I've been waiting for this post!! :) I'm so excited for you all! I cannot wait for this new baby. I'm so excited that our babies will be soo close together:) This is going to be such fun!

    And I'm thrilled you got a new camera. Girl, you needed one bad!! Now, we better start seeing some belly pictures:)