Saturday, September 18, 2010

It just keeps going, and going and going...

Kennedy's birthday that is. After our weekend in North Carolina we drove through West Virginia on our way home and of course her Nana and Pawpaw had presents for her as well as her Great Grandma.

This was probably the most exciting of her presents: a princess floor puzzle from Nana. She really likes it!

Of course her actual birthday was on the 8th and we didn't want that day to pass without doing something as a family so we decided to go out for mexican. We all really like mexican food plus we had a coupon so we figured - why not? They totally put the sombrero on her and sang to her. Hilarious! 
I think Tim was laughing so hard that the camera was shaking when he took the picture but you get the point.

Then on Thursday Elizabeth had us over for dinner and she (with two kids and a part time job) managed to make her this awesome cake:
I seriously felt so fortunate to have them as friends when I left that night. Our kids truly LOVE eachother and Tim was out of town on that night so it was so nice to be able to just relax and spend time with them and watch our kids enjoy each other. ps: did I mention that on the day she made this cake she was babysitting for Kennedy in addition to caring for her two - can we say super woman? What?!?!?!?

Despite all the celebrations we'd had to celebrate her birthday she kept getting packaages in the mail. She got one from Chelsea and one from her Aunt Neenie and Uncle Joshie. Such excitement!
This is her card from Chelsea. It is a Cinderella card that plays the music (she loves those). I figured the picture wouldn't suffice so here's a video clip:

She was clearly excited about her "Happy Feet" penguin.

And of course her Tom and Jerry DVD. Chelsea knows her so well.

And of course the present from Josh and Janine - a Pinkalicious gift. Typing it out won't do it justice - you gotta hear her say it for herself:


  1. YAY!!! I, like Kennedy, love to have my birthday extend past the actual day! (maybe this is why I am always so "belated" with my cards, gifts, etc??) Glad she enjoyed the Pink-alicious cupcakes!! Thanks for posting these's fun to see her in action!

  2. Awe...I'm so glad you put these videos sad I couldn't be there but thrilled she was happy. Miss you all so so so much!