Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So my blogcation or blogiatus hasn't been intentional but man has life gotten busy for Team Taylor! We sold our house this past Friday: can I get a Praise Jesus! Yay! The search is on now and we officially have to be out of the house by July 30th. We started our search on Sunday and it wasn't good and then I continued solo yesterday and it was much more promising. My always generous mother in law is coming into town tomorrow afternoon so that I can go knock out several property visits with my realtor without precious Kennedy in tow. I think this search is going to be challenging, but I am trusting that the Lord will provide the perfect new Taylor residence when the time is right. Please keep us in your prayers!

Our Memorial Day weekend with the Taylors was awesome - we had such a good time just visiting and playing with Kennedy. She is one spoiled little grandbaby - let me just tell you!

Kennedy Loves Her Nana!

Bug Hunting with Nana and Pawpaw

In Other Kennedy news - guess who is officially potty trained? I feel terrified just saying those holy words - I hope it's final but it surely seems that way. We have been in big girl panties for two weeks now and have had very few accidents (some of which have been Mommy's fault I am afraid to admit). Check her out:

Now these are boring old training pants but we have now graduated to Kennedy selected Princess Panties - so cute!

Summer is now upon us and we have been watering plants and having some pool time with friends and I hope there is much more of that to come. These next two months bring lots of business though: house hunting, Tim's birthday and Fathers Day, Beach Week with the family, my sisters wedding, and Chelsea's departure (gasp, sob, wheeze!). Goodness Gracious!

I am so proud that my daughter can find joy in a pool full of rednecks and a two dollar watering can - bring on the summer fun!

As for a p90x update - I am still going strong though my husband has decided to take up running on Tuesdays and Thursdays so my routine is a little off. I am not about to say a word though - I am just happy he's getting active. Go Daddy! I am officially 6 pounds away from my goal weight so I am getting closer (even if it's ever so slowly). The countdown for the beach is on so I am definitely going to keep "working on my fitness" in the brilliant words of Fergie Ferg.

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  1. So many things going on in life...ugh...I'm so so so so happy you sold your house and I just know you are going to find exactly the right place to go...when...I'm not sure..but I have confidence! :) And who doesn't love a pool full of rednecks????