Friday, June 26, 2009

So....we look like the what!?!?

Well, later this afternoon Tim, Kennedy and I will depart for Atlanta to see my grandmother and then head on to the beach tomorrow afternoon to stay for the rest of the week. My grandmother is in very poor health and I want to spend as much time with her as possible ~ I really cannot imagine life without her in it. I am excited for she and my Grandaddy to see Kennedy too because it has been a while and my word how quickly she changes!

Our car....oh my goodness...our car. I am going to try to take a picture of it before we depart just to amuse y'all. We will FO SHO look like the Griswalds rolling down to South Carolina. I told my sister this morning at least we have an excuse....our license plate will say Kentucky so no one will think a thing about it: ha! It's amazing the things you have to pack for a child - the pack and play, the beach toys, the clothes, the potty, the list is endless. Also...whats a vacation without cornhole, so we are taking ours and that is no compact item. Whew! Packing is exhausting. It will all be worth it though - yay for vacay!

This week was a busy one. We were not only prepping for vacation but Tim's parents were here visiting and also helping us pack the house up for our big move which is approaching way quicker than I care to even think about - yuck! Oh the adoration my child has for her Nana and Pawpaw - it's just simply precious. She just loves them...I understand why - I do too. Bless their hearts - who can say their parents would use their vacation to help them move? I CAN and I know how blessed I am - believe me. So...we got a lot accomplished and the visit was lovely. They are now on their way to a real vacation - one where relaxing is involved. =)

I looked at some more properties yesterday as we still haven't found a house. I put an offer on one but we lost out to a higher offer. Must not have been God's special house for us. I know he has a plan....I have to keep repeating that as my mantra. I feel so fortunate that we were able to sell our house and I feel confident that we are making the best decision for our financial future but boy is it tough. It's requiring a tad bit more patience than I am used to having but I am trying. Note to self and to all my millions of readers(ha) - don't ever own more than 3 pets at a time!!!! Once you get to my level of pet population things get REALLY tricky. Now I know. Anyhow - please pray that we would have wisdom in picking out the property that the Lord has in store for us - I know it's out there somewhere and I know once we get it I will look back and think "that's why we didn't get those other houses". Timing...timing....timing.

Anyhow..I am going to leave you with a video clip of a song that is one of my current favorites. The church we have been going to sings this song often during the weekend services and although it is unusual - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I hope you do patient through the slow beginning because I promise she delivers strong in the middle.


  1. hope you guys have so much fun and get to relax some! Call me when you get some down time--we didn't get to finish our convo yesterday! miss you :)

  2. You will find the perfect house! God likes to wait till the last minute for these me i know:) Anyway, in the meantime, at least you know you have a bed at our house waiting for you:)

    Have a great trip! Enjoy vacation!

  3. Hope you all are having a great time! Miss you lots but don't worry about all of your 4-legged children...they are being well taken care of :)

    Love ya!