Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 4, er.....3

Today I did the Shoulders and Arms section of P90x. I was supposed to do it yesterday but I couldn't get my butt out of bed and Tim got home late last night. So...I did it this morning. I did, however, get a run in yesterday afternoon with Chelsea which makes me feel a little better about missing a day. It was hot and humid but I pushed little Kennedy along and got a good ole' workout. My calves are kind of sore today but it could be from the "death by plyo" dvd (as I have affectionately called it) that I did Wednesday night. I am not kidding you - it was so flippin' hard. I was all kinds of nasty sweaty when I was done, BUT - I felt like a rockstar which is a much different vibe than my day one dvd left me with. Anywho, back to today - as if my arms weren't already sore enough - today made them even sorer (is that a word). I just keep thinking - bridesmaid ready arms before summer: yeah! I have decided that someone could most definitely not just pick up this workout series and do it. You gotta be in some kind of decent-good shape to be able to do this stuff: its tough. I got myself a pull-up bar at Walmart yesterday only to realize that my door frames are apparently larger than normal and it won't work. Luckily there were no pullups in todays workout - praise Jesus and all that is holy! I got me some heavier weight too and I am glad because I used it for the majority of today's workout. I will have to do the ab dvd tonight and I might take a little walk but other than that I have sort of survived my first week of p90x. Woo hoo.

Just in case you all are sick about hearing about my workout ventures (I know, I know - it's pretty exciting stuff). I will leave you with something absolutely precious! To my mommy-readers, have a wonderful Mothers' Day on Sunday.

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