Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 1

So...after having my cousin in all weekend and totally loving every minute of it today was the day to start P90x. I was kind of dreading it to be honest. I have just heard horror stories about how incredibly intense and difficult it is. Well....I am hear to confirm what I have heard - it's super duper tough. Today was chest and back day - 60 minutes of it to be exact. Essentially the entire workout was push ups and pull ups. Push ups have always been a weakness for me because they bother my wrists (I know, I know - toughen up,right?). Plus - pull-ups, where do I begin?!? I hate them, have never been able to do them and am seriously questioning Tony Horton's statement about how everyone will be able to do pull-ups by the end of P90x. I forged through the work out even though I felt like a big wimp every time Lorraine did more reps than me - which by the way was EVERY SINGLE time! Argh! I decided two things rather quickly - my little exercise band is not going to work for substitute pull-ups, I need a pull-up bar for sure and I am also going to need heavier weight.

I wasn't dripping with sweat or dying of thirst afterwards like I anticipated but I was feeling like a primo wimp and am thinking once I get the right pieces of equipment on hand - it will be killer. I got in the shower and decided that at least I am working my way in slowly, right? And then - I tried to lift my arms to wash my hair and I realized very quickly how much of a work out I had actually just gotten. I am going to be super sore tomorrow but day one is officially under my belt: woot!

Nutrition-wise you are supposed to decrease your carb intake and increase your protein intake for the first 30 days. That is proving already to be difficult for me. I LOVE fruit which is high in carbs and natural sugars. I also am a solid Kashi waffle eater in the mornings - well, no more. I had an egg white omelet this morning and rather than fruit + protein for my mid morning and afternoon snacks I have had a vegetable plus protein. Tonight - I haven't decided yet. We have tons of leftovers and I am determined not to let them go to waste regardless of my need to shed some inches. So...we'll see how the rest of the week goes. I promise to try to post more regularly now that I have begun this challenge.

I will say that my goal is to be -10lbs when this is all said and done. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I hope you're not too sore tomorrow!

  2. You can do it girl! I wish I had the willpower and strength to do that after this little guy gets here! I need to get back into shape bad!! Miss you!

  3. wow- you go! (you're crazy) :) sorry I missed you tonight- I was shoving my fave with guac, white cheese, and margaritas..thought of you but be glad you weren't there b/c it was all carb!