Monday, June 2, 2014

Easter Festivities 2014

I'm under no false pretense that I keep this blog up to date but every now and then I get so behind that even formulating the posting title makes me chuckle because currently I'm blogging about Easter in early June. Ahhhh...Motherhood. Onward! 

First up - dyeing Easter Eggs. Truthfully, we just started this last year and the girls enjoyed it so much I made sure to buy a kit on Easter clearance last year for this year and that was smart because those little kits aren't cheap. I was happy to have the kit inside our Easter decoration Rubbermaid when we unpacked it this year. We had a good time and our eggs turned out super cute - we put them in a glass bowl on top of a cake plate as our table centerpiece. 

Next up - Easter basket fun! 
 I love their little half asleep expressions. 
 The girls dug in right away to see what the Easter bunny brought for them. 
 Everything was super exciting to Avery, you know: because even air excites Avery. Love her! 
 Grey was a bit more methodical and reserved about his basket. It goes right along with his super chill demeanor. He's his Daddy's for sure! 
 ...and approximately 30 seconds after we began, this was the scene:
 Clearly pleased with the presence of matchbox toys. 
love how his little imagination works - flying his helicopter around
 What he lacks in communication thus far, he totally redeems in facial expression. Ha! 
 He got himself a baseball cap for summer - I must say it's super duper precious. 

Next up - the reason we celebrate Easter: headed to church to celebrate the fact that Jesus is ALIVE! The church service was amazing but super emotional and just "heavy", you know? I kind of feel like if it wasn't it might be odd so I was thankful but reflective too. 

Here are my babies all dolled up in their Easter best. 
 and the family Easter shot: 
 True Story - I was so smitten with how cute my wee man was, I kind of couldn't stop taking his picture. 
 I mean, really!?!?!?
 After church we ate a small bite and the babies took naps while I got busy with Easter supper prep. Thankfully between naps and supper we were able to just sit out in the yard and soak each other in - LOVE those moments. 
 further proof of the stellar facial expressions on this boy

 Just me and my 4 babes, swinging away. 
Mom and Jim joined us for supper. I even broke out our china! They provided ham, mashed sweet potatoes, salad and rolls and we did Asparagus with dill hollandaise, citrus fruit salad and carrot cake. Everything was so delicious and it was nice just all being together. I love holidays!! 

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  1. Love Grey's expressions! AND I LOVE your kitchen! I haven't seen a full photo of pretty!!!