Sunday, January 20, 2013

This should be my next to last

Christmas post - can we say someone took too many pictures? Hmmm.....guilty! Moving right along - my Mom (aka "Honey") was in town visiting the week prior to Christmas. Mom and "Big Jim" were helping out with Declan that week so we got together to take the kids to a really neat event that Melissa had told me about.
 Honey with the kiddos...they adore her - there's not enough of her to go around!
 You can see the Bearnstein orchestra in the background - so cool! Typical Avery - such a turkey!
I didn't really know what to expect, but these bears were so very cool. They talked and moved and sang and played instruments. I'm thinking when I was a kid I would have thought they were the coolest things EVER!  
The little ones had to be chased around quite a bit but I went prepared with snacks to keep them still and it worked!  
 We got comfy with our snacks and enjoyed the 45 show of classical music + Christmas songs = so neat!
 After the bear show we went to meet Melissa on her lunch break and the place where we met was having a Christmas festival. This sweet woman was walking around making balloon hats and other Christmas things for kids. Kennedy requested a Santa hat and she made it happen. I'm so impressed with these types of talents and oh the joy it brings, you know?
 These kids were at our table and their hats amused me: a penguin, a candy cane and an elf. Ha!
Since Kennedy had a had, Avery wanted something so she made her a snowman - how cute is that? She just whipped it right on up as it if were the easiest thing ever.   
 Sweet Declan getting some Mommy snuggles and rockin' cousin Kennedy's balloon hat.
 That evening we did Christmas with Mom since she was here. Loved Declan's Christmas PJ's!
 My little Santa Baby:
 some dress up shoes for Kennedy which Avery now calls "click clack shoes"
 a latching puzzle for Avery
 Aunt Melissa and Uncle Steve did well in purchasing this My Little Pony coloring book for Kennedy.
 Obviously happy:
 A couple pictures of the bobsey twins - they are so precious together!
It's always nice having Mom here but always sad when she goes. I am happy to report that she is FINALLY retired, so hopefully that means we will continually see more and more of her (hint, hint Honey!). All in all - a fun filled day with family!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! Declan and Avery...they are flipping adorable together! The picture of you and the girls is a beautiful picture of you! You look stunning, momma. So you questioned how I got through with my Christmas posts so quickly...I think it is because we didn't do nearly as maany Christmas-y things. (sad) I am in love with all the festivities you guys have enjoyed!

  2. I would have loved to seen the Bearnstein orchestra! Very sweet photos. :) You have the prettiest babies. In fact, it must be in your family genes. Declan is adorable too.