Friday, January 11, 2013

I hereby interrupt

My Christmas blogging to bring you and myself something other than Christmas blogging...because I want to and This is a serious hodgepodge of pics and videos, but I'm kinda OCD (shocking to those of you who know me) and I want things in chronological order so just go with me.

I haven't posted any videos in a while and I've got some good ones to share (or so says the Mom).

Here's my big girl riding her bike without training wheels for the first time on December 1st - oh how proud we are! She has been working on this for SO LONG and truthfully the key to success for her was simply watching the other kids in our neighborhood. Apparently a little peer pressure goes a LONG way which is good when we're talking about riding bikes and not so good when talking about pretty much anything else :/.

This video is hysterical...this was my Grandmama's popcorn popper and I got it out here recently after purchasing some popping corn at Trader Joes. My girls thought it was the best thing EVER! Seriously...just watch!

Every time I pop popcorn this way (which is most of the time lately) they want to watch - they LOVE it. To buy popcorn to pop is way cheaper and it's honestly way better popped this way (in my opinion) so we do this for snack a good bit.


Kennedy is such an amazing big sister. I can literally ask her for help 10 or more times a day and she never complains, she just says "sure Momma" and does what I've asked of her. I'm so thankful for her and all her help. As of late she will independently entertain Grey without me asking her to do so. The other night I was cooking dinner and he was fussing so she decided to put on a little show for him. So stinkin' cute. Avery decided she'd join in mid-way and even try to copy her big funny!

As much as I want to do for Grey what I've done for Kennedy and Avery, I feel myself failing at that daily. I just feel like every day is flying by at warp speed. I can't believe he'll be 5 months old tomorrow. I have yet to have professional pictures made of this poor little handsome one but I do take pics of him whenever I can! 
 Thank goodness we keep the camera nearby so we can capture moments like these:
 I'm not sure what these two are up to here but it's funny regardless.
They are forever making up games or random ways to play with things like their step stool for example:
or the cat bed...sigh
This sweet little handsome fella just watches them run around and he just grins and laughs.
Thank the good Lord above, we are getting a little more sleep around here...emphasis on the word little. We are trying really hard to create a predictable routine for Greyson so he knows when bedtime is coming. Here is Daddy reading his bedtime story to him:
This little peanut LOVES all things baby lately and here she is rocking hers to sleep:
These are just some random pics I took of my little man one night after thinking he looked mighty adorable in his cloth diaper.
My pet whisperer and two of her biggest fans:
Sweet little boy:
Mr. Potato head has been quite popular around here lately. Avery puts the pieces on herself about as much as she does the potato, but long as she's happy, I'm happy.
and clearly - she's happy:


  1. OH, I just love the sibling sweetness!!! Lindsy, your home is so full of love and that is something YOU create for your children each day :) The popcorn popper video...oh dear!! I was laughing with them.
    All of the pictures of Greyson, rest still my heart!!
    Your babes are beautiful and so are YOU!

    1. Erin - you are too kind! Thank you so much dear friend - hope you are feeling well and that little baby is growing! Such an exciting time for your family!

  2. Ruthie has been playing with her baby a lot lately too. She feeds her a bottle, she feeds her play food at the table, and even puts her to bed. It is so cute! Can't believe Avery and Ruthie will be 2 very soon!
    Greyson is just too cute! That smile melts hearts I'm sure!
    Kennedy is so sweet! So glad she is such a big helper although she always has been!

    1. I think it's so sweet how they play with their babies - don't you? Precious! I can't believe our girls will soon be two either - I'm trying to gather the will to start birthday planning but I've not done so yet! Greyson melts my heart too - something about a little boy...maybe you'll need to go for a #3 so you can see for yourself? :) I honestly don't know what I'd do without Kennedy - she's just such a blessing!

  3. As is my norm:
    1. Kennedy cannot be old enough to be riding a bike without trainers! And she's fast, too!!!
    2. I love "real" popcorn and that's about all we make around here. Avery's face is priceless in that video and the pics.
    3. Kennedy has amazing moves. She got it from her momma!
    4. You are NOT failing at anything with Grey. He is a different child in so many aspects than your first or your second baby. He is your third. And he has his own specials because of his divine timing and placement in your family.
    5. Grey may look like he's just watching his sisters...but he's plotting! :) He can't wait to "grow legs" and keep up with them.
    6. I miss your family. and I miss your face!

    1. 1.I know, she's growing up! Sniff, sniff.
      2.I didn't know y'all made real popcor...seriously: there is no turning back!
      3.Girl, you know that's true!
      4.Thanks sister, I'm trying hard..that's for sure!
      5.You're probably right. All I know is - he LOVES them and that makes me so very happy.
      6. ditto

  4. Such a good post! I love the videos and pics. You've got three happy and sweet kiddos. You're not failing at anything in the Mom department, being involved the way you are is so much more important than any professional photo shoot. Besides, it seems like most #2 and beyond children are lucky to get ANY pictures taken. Time just flies that much faster.
    Miss you all sooo sooo much!!
    Love you!

    1. Thanks girlie. I appreciate that encouragement. Time truly is flying it's just crazy how fast it's all going by.

  5. I LOVE the video of the girls dancing for Greyson. So cute! Such good big sisters. Dylan has tried this for cheering up Austin, but he is not nearly as graceful!!

    1. They are a trip - we have dance parties like every day around here. Ha...those boys are so sweet too. I'm so thankful for how close they are and I know you love that about your boys too - it's just precious!

  6. Loved the videos! And the pics are so sweet. Grey is such a little smiley boy! Precious!

    1. He really is a happy jack and I am so, so thankful!

  7. Alright...that is a lot to cram into 1 post, but.. I love the popcorn video, such joy over simple things! (as it should be) Bike riding...Amazing how they can just decide they are going to do something and do it!Super cute photos of your little man and I think you are more than a great mom by documenting the little everyday things. And your photos are as good as any professionals!

    1. I know...listen, I've got to strike when the irons hot ( are asleep). Ha! I know, it cracked me up how tickled they were over that Grandmother would have loved to know it has given us such joy. Thank you for your compliments on my photos - I love taking them but I just wish I had more time to focus on the skill/art itself. One day, one day, right?