Monday, May 14, 2012

This past Friday we had some crazy amazing weather and I'm so thankful that Janet and I made plans to take the kiddos to Centennial Park in Wilmore so we could soak it up! Our kids always have so much fun together and it makes our Mommying job so much easier because they just play and we get time to visit. She is among the many I'm going to dearly miss when we go but we are making a point to get time together when we can and I'm so glad for that.
I love watching my girls play together: 
Avery & Hudson just a swingin'
Avery is a straight dare devil - she literally will bail off a slide whether I'm ready or not so I have to be "on guard" while we are playing at the park. This was her first experience with a play tunnel and soon after she tried crawling through the 2nd or 3rd time she fell and busted her sweet little lip. Clearly it didn't deter her from going back for more (fat bottom lip and all):

Kennedy & Hayden just seeing what's over the bridge: turns out it was pretty much just algae: yuck!
Not to get all emotional on y'all but all that afternoon when our kiddos were having precious interactions (and there were quite a few) I kept thinking about that song "make new friends but keep the old". You know which song I'm talking about? Kennedy always lists Hayden when she talks about who she is going to miss when we leave KY, but she quickly follows her list with the statement: "But, we'll make new friends and we'll come back and visit these friends too". I'm always quick to agree because I want lots more memories like these:

There's way more of this in our future - their Momma's will make sure of it!

I am officially 28 weeks this week and boy am I growing! I keep telling people I feel huge and their all "no, you look great...yadda, yadda, yadda". Don't get me wrong - I'm totally ok with people continuing to lie because it makes me feel better in the moment ;). So...if you're one of those people: LIE ON! Ha!
 Well, just see for yourself this boy is a growin' BIG time!

Sadly, on Mother's Day Kennedy and I went to church solo because Daddy stayed home with a sick Avery :(. Even though she was puny I wanted her in my bump photo:
I've convinced myself that although I'm feeling HUGE I'm surely not bigger than my prior pregnancies, right? Well...I decided to do a little picture digging and the results are in - I'm not just feeling HUGE...I AM! Sigh, sigh, sigh! You know what: there will be a baby at the end no matter what and then after he's here I'll worry with the rest.Seriously!

Here I am pregnant with Kennedy:

And with Avery:

We are being forced to get creative with play around here because there are boxes EVERYWHERE & lots of toys are already packed away! Yesterday we taped some packing paper to our coffee table, got out some crayons and it = fun!
Honestly, watching them play like this was the best Mothers Day "gift" I could have received! Love my girls and although I know our lives are about to be even crazier I'm thrilled we will have another addition to our family in just 12 weeks.

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  1. OK, I am not lying. I don't think you are HUGE at all. In fact, I don't see much difference in all three pregnancies at this point!!! I think you look beautiful!