Thursday, May 10, 2012

The last little bit

Most everyone who reads this blog knows that we are moving. I had intended to write a blog about it all, but the last time I did that...we didn't move and it was devastating. This time though - it is officially happening. We have movers scheduled and half of our belongings are in boxes strewn about my house so I'm fairly certain -  it is not a is a reality. We will be moving to North Carolina which will put me much closer to family than I have been in over 10 years! I am very excited about the move, but mostly I'm just happy that God seems to have orchestrated it all and you know when that happens: good things lie ahead! I will miss so many things about Lexington and miss so many people I've developed relationships with here, but I've chosen to just buckle up and enjoy my last few weeks here without dwelling on the "goodbye's" that are in front of me. Maybe my choice isn't  a wise one, but it's the path I've chosen for now just to get through.

One of the things I will miss the most here is a ministry I've been involved with since my pregnancy with Kennedy - MUMS (Moms Understanding Moms). It sounds similar to MOPS, or at least that's what others who've experienced both have told me. This year I've been on the steering committee and it's just been a spiritual intimacy with not only God but with other God following friends like I've never known. Last week the steering team got together at a local park and had a picnic and play time. The girls had so much fun...we sweated and laughed and ate and then all came home and took solid naps (it was glorious). Us grown up gals had fun too - it's always good to hang out with them and again although sad thoughts crept in about it possibly being the last outing I'd have with them...I pushed them aside choosing rather to focus on how grateful I am for the time spent and relationships developed with them....despite moving, those bonds will be there forever and it warms my heart to know that to be true!
One of the things I packed up this week is Avery's old car seat. I decided I'd take it completely apart and wash it so that when I unpacked it, it would be ready for Greyson. She kept pointing at it and grunting so I finally put it in the floor after I was done re-assembling it and before I got ready to pack it up and this is what she did. I swear y'all - she played in this thing for like 40 glorious minutes while I busied around the  house doing other things. It was like she found her long lost friend: ha!
Kennedy decided to come in and get in on the fun...she was just rocking her and Avery just sat there...chillin'.

Kennedy then decided to play like Avery was her baby and proceeded to bring her a blanket and toys and Avery never.moved.a.muscle! I was crackin' up!

What happened next is really to sweet to put into words, so you'll just have to see for yourselves:

On Saturday our women's ministry at Southern Acres had their first annual Spring Banquet. The decorating theme was Breakfast at Tiffany's so although I didn't even think about it when I donned a black dress that AM - there were lots of us there in Audrey Hepburn like little black dresses. This is me with my Erica - love, love, love her!
                           Here are the women's ministry directors, Erica and myself.

The speaker's name was Margie Sims and here she is with her daughter and Joan (the leader of Women's Ministry at our church).
The message was about the seasons of a woman's life and it was SOOOOO good. Margie has 10, yes you heard me...10 children. I know people think that is crazy nowadays and you may be one of those people but I think it's amazing. Now, I'm not talking about lack of birth control and leaning on the government for assistance kind of having 10 kids - I'm talking about obedient well cared for and God fearing children - very respectable in my opinion and I say rock on! Now, physically I don't know how on earth women do it but I think character-wise it's just unreal. She shared so many precious little nuggets of wisdom and I just felt really thankful and blessed to be there.

Sunday I got my girls all dolled up in their church clothes and couldn't resist making a photo op out of it. Chelsea gave me this sweet little dress for Avery a while back and when I was shopping in Old Navy here recently I saw it in Kennedy's size on clearance and it was just to perfect to pass up - I love it when they match!

Oh my word:

As I've kind of shared before...Avery's not such a huge fan of grass so she was basically leaning on Kennedy the entire time we were in the yard.
Thankfully, Kennedy is an awesome big sister so she didn't mind at all - love their little hands together ;).
Not much else going on around this neck of the woods outside of packing, labeling, taping, and repeat. It's going to be a cah-razy next few weeks but I want to try my best to cherish it even in the insanity of it all!


  1. I absolutely ADORE those pics of the girls in their yellow. Beautiful colors and you captured the sweet moment perfectly (I might have a little envy going on! HA! The tables have turned..hehehe) And Kennedy is such a great big sister...funny how Avery just chilled in her baby carseat. Keagan feels compelled to climb into other baby's carseats, too. Makes me think those seats aren't that uncomfortable at all. AND 10 kids?! WHOA...go Mama! I would have loved to hear her speak. She muct have so many stories! What blessings children are! I like the "more the merrier" approach to having kids...but I think 10 would send me over the edge. ;)

  2. Your girls are just too precious and beautiful! Can't wait to see and hear all about life back home! Praying for your next few weeks in Lex. Have fun!

  3. Wow Lindsy.. NC! Where in NC are you moving? We are down in Raleigh at least once a year to visit my sister's family. I'll be praying for your move!

    The video with Kennedy & Avery was so precious. She is a very doting Big Sister! She'll be such a huge help when Greyson joins you soon!!

    Have a great weekend!!