Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet Old Friend

On Monday of last week our family said "goodbye" to my first baby - my first four-legged baby: Annie. I adopted Annie from my Veterinary Technician Program/School about 12 years ago and she and I lived in a little efficiency - just the two of us for quite a while so she really was like my child. She's been the BEST cat over the years - always friendly and social, great with my kids, healthy her whole life until as of late.

We found out prior to Christmas that she had cancer and it was very aggressively acting so we knew she wasn't going to have much longer with us after we received the diagnosis. We (including Kennedy) were just simply heartbroken. We shared a ton of tears after finding out initially and then again this past Monday. I'm not talking about freely flowing graceful tears either y'all - I'm talking like the sobbing, gut wrenching, shoulder shaking, snotty cry! We just ADORED her - our whole family and extended family! I don't know what hurt worse - saying "goodbye" to Annie myself or watching how gut wrenching it was for Kennedy to say "goodbye" to her - those two were thick as thieves. I will say, it opened up great conversation between our family about Jesus and Heaven and just processing through some things that we've never had to do with Kennedy before. We got to talk about how once we get to Heaven, Jesus restores us and we have no more pain, no more cancer (in Annie's sake), she would get a new/healthy body and be with Hampton and Felicity and Grandpa and all those we know who are there. We discussed how Jesus probably has the best cat beds EVER and how he would probably love petting her and snuggling her just like she herself did. Precious moments for sure. We got to talk about what a blessing Annie had been to us and how much joy she brought us over the years. She was such a sweet, social, loving and precious part of our family. She and Kennedy had a special bond and I just savored all of the pictures I found of the two of them when getting ready to post this blog. 
Every morning....EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING ~ within moments of Kennedy getting cozy to watch some cartoons while I made her breakfast - Annie sat with her. It was a predictable part of our routine. Kennedy often used the excuse of delaying getting ready because: "Mom, Annie and I are snuggling and she's comfy!" 

Even Avery's gotten some of her snuggling. 
Kennedy would cover her up like a baby...
Dress her up in silly bands....
"Decorate" her for holidays....

 & even involve her in quiet play.

She never once tried to scratch either of my girls no matter the roughness that the curiosity caused. 

The day we said our "goodbyes" she developed a nose bleed that would not cease and until Tim could get home from work we put her in the bathroom with a comfy set up and spent lots of time with her. Tim came home from work early and I had him take some pictures of Kennedy and I with her. 

Oh how we miss her already, but oh how thankful I am to have had her all this time. 


  1. awww :( so very very sad. I will never forget how Annie would "make muffins" on Josh while purring it up. And he would let her! She was a darn good cat!! I am so sorry that you've had to say goodbye to such a dear member of your family.

  2. oh man, I am in tears reading this. Annie was a very sweet and loving kitty. She will definitely be missed. Praying for all of you!

  3. So sorry to hear this Lindsy! I know it must have been sad to see Kennedy too but what a good job of using this as such a wonderful example of Jesus and Heaven! Thinking of you :)

  4. This made me tear up, and I'm not even a huge animal lover. (don't hate me for that!) :-) She sounded like such a great kitty and loves how much of a snuggler she was! I know Kennedy will always remember her. Hugs!

  5. Oh Lindsy... I'm so sorry for your loss. How difficult it is saying good-bye to our beloved furry friends. LOVED the pics, especially the silly bands one - ha ha. I hope that yours & Kennedy's hearts will mend soon from your sadness (and your Hubby's too)

  6. I was boohoo-ing reading this post. Sweet Annie. She will be missed!

  7. Thank y'all for all your kind words and support. Kennedy is doing well - she still mentions her but hasn't had any more "ugly crying" (if you will). ;)