Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Nothing like a good ole' Thanksgiving post almost a week into December, right? *Sigh* It just IS my life right now....late to everything and late with everything...I'm trying to embrace it and I cannot.tell.a.lie - it hurts but I'm trying.

Tim's parents joined us for Thanksgiving this year and we hosted because I was scheduled to work so a trip to WV was virtually impossible. I'm thankful they were able to make the trip and we could all be together for a few days.

Clearly my kiddos were thrilled too:

I actually prepared several things ahead of time (Praise the Lord) so Thanksgiving day cooking wasn't nearly as overwhelming as I had anticipated. Kennedy even got in the kitchen and helped me cook...of course, her version of "helping" me cook looks pretty much like this:
She was a big help when it came to prepping this beauty (Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle) - it
  was DEELICIOSO and didn't it turn out real purdy?!
She wanted to try cutting the potatoes as well and although it caused a bit of Mommy anxiety, she successfully helped me quarter 5 pounds of potatoes for our mashed potato recipe.
Here are my girls with their grandparents - don't you love Kennedy's expression? It's practically angelic, right? Oh my - the effort it takes to get a picture of those two turkeys - it's unbelievable really.

Our spread - YUMMO! We had a TON of food but don't you worry...we polished those leftovers off real quick like. I have been so excited to use our Christmas china this year. We registered for Christmas china when we got married but have NEVER used it (one word: L.A.Z.Y.) My Grandmother pretty much solely made my collection what it is - she'd have been so proud of my table!
My girls ready to dig in. Avery was about the mashed potatoes....of course, who wouldn't be?
This little one just turned 9 months on December's hard to believe. Time is just zooming on by. She's such a joy - just happy and easy going (Thank you Jesus!).
She officially has four teeth (which Daddy perfectly captured here) and one coming in next to her top two. She's had some rough nights due to discomfort but nothing a little Orajel and Tylenol can't fix.
So big!

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  1. Oh my! That truffle looks amazing. Send me the recipe?? And I am impressed you let Kennedy chop potatoes....I successfully managed to nearly cut off both my middle and pointer fingers doing the same thing!! And my middle finger is still mangled! Looks like a delicious spread and Avery may help dig in at Christmas now that her chompers are making an appearance!